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Bad weather around the world.

type102I have been around long enough to know that the weather in Briton and around the world has got worse, especially over this last ten years.When i was young ( eon’s ago ) summer was summer and winter was winter and you could depend on it.  Snow, frost, fog, rain in the winter and long clear hot days in the summer. Now you would not know if it’s summer or winter.

Going to the shops

Going to the shops

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Comet ISON approaches Earth.

type102Later this week ( Thursday 28th ) the biggest comet to come near to earth will give everyone a great show. This is the first time it has been to our solar system and may never return to be seen again.The comet is the only object known to man that has traveled so far towards earth and the sun.Yahoo News



Its core is 500 miles across and the tail could stretch for between 100 and 150 miles before disappearing, it was discovered back September 2012.

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Creation verses Evolution .



It is said that, creation and the making of Adam and Eve happened at the same time.

The date when Adam and Eve were made happened at 4004 BC which was the year worked out by scholar’s Archbishop Ussher, Rabbi Yossi also worked a date but Rabbi Yossi makes the date 3760BC.

These dates have been worked out be studying the Bible and using genealogy which i’m sure took many years.

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Solar Superstorm

How would you manage without a mobile phone, satellite television, sat-nav, gps, land line phone and of coarse the internet.


Boffins have given a warning about a solar super-storm for Britain  but its not only Britain its the whole world that would be hit.

Britain must do more to prepare for a once-in-a-century “solar superstorm”, according to experts.


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Are there aliens out there

With a hundred billion galaxies each with potentially a hundred billion stars there is no reason that life cannot exist outside our galaxy.

Milky Way

Milky Way

Photo from

Why should mankind think that our planet holds the only life form that exists in the entire universe, that we are unique. I think there are aliens out there somewhere and they will find their way to earth what they do when they get here is the bit i would be worried about ( not that i will see it .)

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WARNING of Disasters to come.

Earth in this past few years has been hit by more and bigger disasters, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc, etc.


In my childhood i can remember playing outside all summer long from early morning until it was dark. In my youth it was the same, playing football and other games. But the winters were very bad, snow, frost etc, but things have changed for the worst.

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NASA’s Voyager 1 new discovery.

NASA Photo

Voyager has made a surprising discovery 35 years after its launch and Voyager has now traveled 11 billion miles (18 billion kilometers) away from the Sun, which is 122 times the distances from the Earth to the Sun. Yet it takes only 17 hours for its radio signal to reach us.

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Global warming.

The sceptics say there is no such thing, they say there is no proof.

They say that the glaciers are not melting, sea levels are not raising , and  just dispel all the proof as nonsense, and that green house gases are not harming the earth or us.

Countries like America, Canada, China, India who are the biggest consumers of fuels do not believe in it and are doing nothing about, ok, they tinker around the edges a bit.

How long do they think the fuels are going to last, another 50 or 100 years at the most. What doe’s mankind do then.

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Earth Has 92 Elements

92 Elements in the Earth’s Crust

The earth contains 92 elements, these elements can be found in all planets and stars through-out the entire universe but in smaller quantities.  Mars is a very heavy planet and contains more iron than any other and that is one of the reasons it’s red. There are other planets that have a core but are gas giants or solid ice planets. Every planet or body contains some of the 92 elements, but so far only earth contains all 92.

Information from Window to the Universe.

Even though there are 92 elements that are naturally found, only eight of them are common in the rocks that make up the Earth’s outer layer, the crust. Together, these 8 elements make up more than 98% of the crust.

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asteroid nearing earth

Some day earth will be hit by an asteroid, meteor or comet, Scientists of all class’s are looking to the sky’s for these objects 24 hours a day. Many pass by quite close all the time but their orbit keeps them away from hitting earth.

There is an asteroid called “Apophis” giving concern it will pass in 2013, 2029 and 2036. 2013 will be fine, but observations and tracking will take place and the governments will have to decide what to do in 2029, as 2036 could be the bad result.

The earths orbit is the outer white ring the asteroids orbit is the blue ring.

The asteroid’s risk has now been categorized as a 4 on the Torino Scale. The level 4 rating never before issued is reserved for “events meriting concern.

When it does pass close on April 13 2029, the Earth will deflect it and change its orbit. There’s a small possibility that if it passes through a particular point in space, the so-called keyhole, the Earth’s gravity will change things so that when it comes back around again in 2036, it will collide with us. The chance of Apophis passing through the keyhole, a 600-metre patch of space, is 1 in 5,500 based on current information.

If, at that stage, they cannot rule out an impact with Earth in 2036, the next chance to make better observations will not be until 2013.

Nasa has argued that a final decision on what to do about Apophis will have to be made at that stage.

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Big Bang Theory

I believe in the big bang theory, the earth, planets etc, came about from that moment in time. I have read a few articles and watched a few programs about it over the years, and have found nothing to change my mind.
I also believe in a greater being(s), who were responsible for life on earth, meaning that we are not alone.
How could we be, with an untold numbers of planets in the universe why would there only be one very small planet with life.

I have cut down the information because there was too much and lots the average person would know nothing about, i hope you enjoy it and enjoy the read.


First, of all the experts are reasonably certain that the universe had a beginning

Second, galaxies are moving away from us at speeds equal to their distance.

The Big Bang was at the very beginning of our universe. Discoveries in astronomy and physics have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that our universe did in fact have a beginning.

Before that moment there was nothing, after it there was our universe. The big bang theory is an effort to explain what happened during and after that moment.

Our universe sprang into existence around 13.7 billion years ago. Where did it come from? no-one knows for sure.

It is thought to started at the core of “black holes.” Black holes are areas of intense gravitational pressure. The pressure is thought to be so intense that finite matter is actually squashed into infinite density.

These zones of infinite density are called “singularities.” Our universe is thought to have begun as an infinitesimally small, infinitely hot, infinitely dense, something – a singularity.

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Giant asteroid to narrowly miss Earth

A giant asteroid will only just miss earth later this year, according to NASA.

The huge rock, dubbed YU55, will pass within 201,700 miles of our planet in November.

If it crashes into earth the impact would be equivalent to 65,000 atomic bombs, while the crater would be six miles wide and 2,000 ft deep.

The asteroid, which weighs 55 million tons and is 1,300ft wide, will be the largest ever object to get so close to our planet. It orbits the sun every 14 months.

It will be closer to us than the moon, which is on average 238,855 miles away and will be visible through a small telescope.

The best times to view it will be between 23:28 on 8 November and 07:13 on 9 November (UK time).

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