Katherine Jenkins, Opera Singer.

Katherine Jenkins the gorgeous blonde opera star from Wales.

I think she is one of the sexiest women opera singers about.

Katherine is a former school teacher from Neath who became the fastest-selling female classical singer since Maria Callas.

Picture from the Daily Mail.

In 2004, at the age of 23, Katherine Jenkins signed the largest record deal in UK classical recording history, with an undisclosed seven-figure deal.

She once fought of an attacker who tried to rape her.

I enjoy listening to her and a few others, one of which is in the last video. Enjoy.

Katherine Jenkins web site.

Katherine Jenkins and Andrea Bocelli – I Believe

Andrea Bocelli  is a great Italian opera singer and has been singing  with all the major stars all over the world.  He has been blind from birth.

27 responses to “Katherine Jenkins, Opera Singer.

  1. The last one was truly beautiful. She is, indeed, a fine specimen.

  2. k8edid, she is indeed a beautiful singer and as you say a fine specimen 🙂

  3. Wow, not your average opera singer on so many levels. Thanks for sharing her with us, Harry. My guy might find the opera more interesting now… 😉

  4. She looks beautiful (sounds beautiful) but more beautiful because she looks like a woman should – she has curvy round bits…

  5. Really beautiful lady, Harry! And with a very beautiful voice! I’d love to see her in one of Thea Musgrave’s operas or even in Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffmann.

  6. Thanks balladeer, she does sing tales of Hoffmann not sure about the other one.

  7. Not really my sort of music, but she is very well known, and rightly so.

  8. First time I ever heard her was on last year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special. Not only a great singer but a good actress to boot.

  9. I haven’t heard of her previously and now I’m an instant fan. I adore her voice – it’s gorgeous. Thanks for this music.

  10. What a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice! Loved her duet with Andrea Bocelli. Thanks for introducing me to her 🙂

  11. Lafemmeroar your welcome, i love the two of them as they are both great.

  12. She is really beautiful, but she is NOT an opera singer. Singing arias with microphone in almost-operatic-sounding voice doesn’t make one an opera singer, singing in operas, in opera theaters where there is no amplification is. She is gorgeous and she has a lovely tone of voice, but she will simply never be heard in opera.

    Also, from opera perspective, she is simply not good enough – even if she could by some miracle get herself heard in an opera theater. Her degree by the way was in teaching music not in opera performance.

    Don’t believe me. Listen to her Elina Garanca, Rinat Shaham, Anna Caterina Antonacci, Anita Richiashvili sing habanera from Carmen then listen to Jenkins. Or listen to Jenkins do “Una voce poco fa” then listen to Joyce Di Donato.

    Oh, and before you accuse me of envy – I am a middle aged engineer without any kind of performing ambitions or desires. Also, as an opera fan, if I were envious of a singer it’d be of real opera stars. Like Anna Netrebko.

    In terms of “typical opera stars” – you really have no clue how opera singers look today. Diana Damrau, Natalie Dessay, Danielle De Niese or anybody I mentioned above are all very attractive women.

  13. Technically she is not an opera singer. She is a girl who became the fastest-selling female classical singer ever.
    She does sing opera, but without a mike you would never hear at the back.
    Any opera singers a have watched on TV always sing in to the mike.

    So lets call her a classical singer who can sing opera into a mike.

    • Actually, no, she is not a classical singer. She is a classical crossover singer. Nor does she “sing opera” – singing opera means singing IN live operas where there are no microphones. She mostly sings pop ballads some of which are translated into Italian like Con te partiro or Nella Fantasia. These have nothing to do with opera. Singing in operas not only requires the ability to project the sound so that it is heard in 2000-4000 hall over an orchestra without microphones, it also requires stamina to do it in 2-5 hour performance. It also requires maintaining a beautiful tone throughout, singing the music as written -when Katherine Jenkins sing arias from operas she often transposes them or simplifies them. Operas require good diction, good phrasing, ability to sing long lines on a single breath and taking breath quietly, but most importantly they require artistry, expressiveness. Opera singers also act roles.

      As to the microphone, yes, opera singers would use microphones if performing in large outdoor concertrs with bad acoustics, also for recording. In these cases they are usually 3-5 feet away from the mic or they’ll blow it. But when they perform in strictly classical music concerts or in opera theater they do it without microphones.

      Classical singers have the same requirements as opera singers but instead of singing in operas they sing art songs – e.g. Schubert, Maler, etc. – in classical music recitals, but also without microphones. This has its own difficulties and requires a very nuanced interpretation.

      Jenkins is a classical crossover (also known as popera) singer.

  14. Wonderful singer…..”Time to say goodbye” gave me goosebumps.

  15. I love love your blog, love love Katherine Jenkins and most of all, thanks for the following 😉

  16. She certainly has a beautiful voice.

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