funny photos for you.



5 responses to “funny photos for you.

  1. 1. Live in a U.S. Military town and try to find a real “Hair-Stylist”
    Here… everyone leaves with 12 hairs or less… and usually… they are stuck on my sweaty neck!
    2. I think you’re old if you can even remember a Bank HAVING a free calendar…
    3. Naps are for wimps and old Northern Irish Comedians — especially ones named Harry!
    4. There’s still something to be said for… Aged BEEF ( like you and me Harry)
    5. If I’d of known I was going to live this long — Well, you know the rest-
    6……, …. that’s a tough one… “what’s the left ones name?” Oh, Charlie comes to mind — But that might be a Southern U.S. thing- Pat and Charlie – Not to be confused with Pat Gallagher, and Charles Haughey— Wow.. talk about a free Bank Calender… Oh, Oh, I know.. Pat and Donald Trump… now THAT would be a pair!
    But, I don’t want the calendar layout — even if it’s free.

  2. I added you to the blogroll on my new site too Harry.

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