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Were we mad.


We went to an outdoor concert in aid of Marie Curie a very worthy charity.

There was a barbeque, an Elvis tribute and also a Van Morrison  tribute, everything started a 6 and finished at 12 PM.

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Amazing videos to watch

Truly amazing videos of children preforming, great to watch i have played the first two 3/4 times.

      All i can tell you it is well worth the time to watch them                                                   all the way through.
Turn your sound up because a few are very low.
So enjoy them and let me know what you think of them

Wonderful video: Rain choir.


This is certainly one the most interesting choral arrangements I have seen or heard.

It is very unusual, no singing and no music.

Be sure to turn your sound on high enough to hear it.

Listen for the first time with your eyes closed.

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A brilliant song to listen to, i had to watch the whole thing.

Its all about looping and triggering vocal sound.

When I Played Music.

I played in three silver bands over a period of 12 years and stopped with the music completely when i was 21.

We took part in band contests and shows and also a few concerts.

I played the tenor horn ( below ) that was my main instrument which i was trained on and played for the 12 years.

I played solo about 10 times in contests and shows and in biggest audience would have been about 600 people.

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Whitney Houston dies aged 48

Whitney Houston dies aged 48

She will be sadly missed, i thought she was a wonderful singer with a very clear voice and a large vocal range when she sang, also you could always understand all the words of the song as she was singing.

Photo from

A unique singer with a beautiful voice, who has been the top-selling artist for many years has died alone in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton.

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Military Wives Choir

Singing: Wherever You Are.

With millions on strike, much of Europe on the verge of financial collapse and Britain plummeting into a second recession, the outlook seems pretty grim. All the more reason, then, to celebrate one man.

The utterly inspirational Gareth Malone, who is single-handedly transforming entire communities all over Britain by the simple means of teaching them to sing and believe in them-selves.

His latest B.B.C. TV series of The Choir was, without doubt, the best thing on television this year.

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M T V Awards Belfast

Belfast is bracing itself for an invasion of some of the biggest names in pop music ahead of this weekend’s MTV EMAs.


With both the George Best City and Belfast International airports on standby for the arrival of private jets and commercial flights carrying many of the artists, several have already touched down early to prepare for the star-studded event at the Odyssey Arena this Sunday.

Bruno Mars

Fifteen years ago, most musicians avoided Belfast – now it’s hosting the MTV European Music Awards.

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This post is for your children to enjoy its all about S.E.X.

It will give them something to try, instead of sitting in front of the TV or their game boxes wasting their time.
Adults may enjoy it to, joining in, helping them.

Sex stands for.

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Katherine Jenkins, Opera Singer.

Katherine Jenkins the gorgeous blonde opera star from Wales.

I think she is one of the sexiest women opera singers about.

Katherine is a former school teacher from Neath who became the fastest-selling female classical singer since Maria Callas.

Picture from the Daily Mail.

In 2004, at the age of 23, Katherine Jenkins signed the largest record deal in UK classical recording history, with an undisclosed seven-figure deal.

She once fought of an attacker who tried to rape her.

I enjoy listening to her and a few others, one of which is in the last video. Enjoy.

Katherine Jenkins web site.

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rain choir – very unusual

This is certainly one the most interesting choral arrangements I have seen or heard.

Be sure to turn your sound on high enough.

Start by listening the first time with your eyes closed.

The video is only 1.48 in length.

When its over play it again and watch it this time and you will see how they create the thunder.

Please let me know what you think.

amazing grace

AMAZING GRACE, Sung by 4 Men Beautifully!

The Coliseum in Rome really add’s to the beauty of the performance.

Four Tenor’s (Il Divo). Please warm the heart’s of all your friend’s by passing this beautiful message in a song. Enjoy!

Il Divo (“divine male performer” in Italian) is a multinational operatic pop vocal group created by music manager, executive, and reality TV star  Simon Cawell.

Formed in the United Kingdom, they are also signed to Cowell’s record label, Syco Music.

Il Divo is a group of four male singers: Spanish baritone Carlos Marín, Swiss tenor Urs Bühler, American tenor  David Miller, and French pop singer Sebastien Izambard.