When I Played Music.

I played in three silver bands over a period of 12 years and stopped with the music completely when i was 21.

We took part in band contests and shows and also a few concerts.

I played the tenor horn ( below ) that was my main instrument which i was trained on and played for the 12 years.

I played solo about 10 times in contests and shows and in biggest audience would have been about 600 people.

Photo: www-Alan-Gregory

My second instrument which i would play if needed is the Flugel horn, it is one size down from the tenor horn.

It is a brass instrument resembling a trumpet but with a wider, conical bore. Some consider it to be a member of the saxhorn family.

My third and last instrument is the Euphonium ,  one size up from the tenor horn, as with the Flugel horn i would only play if i was needed to stand in.

www. music123.com

And so ended my musical life, i loved it when i was taking part, and over those twelve years i helped a few kids learn to play.

After that i started on a new life, it’s called marriage.


32 responses to “When I Played Music.

  1. The music is in you still, my friend. =0)

  2. Aww…. It’s funny, all the things we let fall to the way side once we get married. It shouldn’t be, but we do it anyway. I have no musical ability. I’m so impressed with those who do. That’s one talent I’d like to have.

  3. Being musical myself, I have to agree with Veggiewitch, it never leaves you. Nice story.

  4. You’re very lucky, I never had the opportunity to learn an instrument, but it is on my bucket list 🙂

  5. Are you really too old to start again? Once a musician, always a musician, whether you listen or play. You probably have great taste in good tunes. Keep on rockin’!

  6. Well who knows, perhaps some of those kids you helped lean to play went on to enjoy a happy long life of music, playing, and entertaining others. 🙂

  7. I hope so Lance, not many people keep playing until they are my age 🙂

  8. Awwwwwww Harry you are never too old to go back to something you enjoyed

  9. My grandson plays the trombone and my granddaughter plays the cello. I wish I had learned an instrument…

  10. Marriage and music can go together lol.

  11. Well…I don’t think you should have stopped due to marriage. My husband had odd hobbies, and I say nothing when he goes off to practice shooting rifles or his bow. My husband spends thousands on hunting gear, but has never killed a single animal. Think he just likes to tromp around in the woods and feel “manly.” He loves animals, but that is his hobby. I think part of marriage is accepting what the other person loves to do, and allowing them space to fullfill their dreams.
    I hope you pick up this hobby again, and do what you love! Try it, go somewhere and play with people and you will feel revived and full of life!
    Loved this post…..

  12. I liked learning this little fact about you. If I’m ever in N. Ireland and in need of a tenor horn player, I’ll know JUST who to call!

  13. Music is a wonderful part of life. I was forced to learn piano when I was a kid…..never appreciated it at the time…..until a couple of years ago when I started trying to play piano again.

  14. Funny how poorly marriage and musicianship get along 🙂
    My musical “career” ended at age 26 when I met my lady.
    Funny thing – I picked my bass guitar back up this past year to start playing a bit with one of my old band mates. In many ways, I think I’m a better player after a decade long layoff.

  15. You could always pick up the harmonica! I admire you for this, horn instruments take so much breath control. I am one of the most made-fun-of musicians, a bass player 😛

    • I tried a harmonica before the brass, could not manage it.

      • lanceleuven

        I toyed with the harmonica for a while during my teenage years. But I don’t think I got very far with it though. My Mum and brother certainly didn’t think so anyway. In the end I gave up. I got the impression that it was either that or find a new place to live!

  16. Lance the problem is getting a harmonica teacher.

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