Amazing videos to watch

Truly amazing videos of children preforming, great to watch i have played the first two 3/4 times.

      All i can tell you it is well worth the time to watch them                                                   all the way through.
Turn your sound up because a few are very low.
So enjoy them and let me know what you think of them
All videos from utube
Trumpet player 13 year old Melisa Venema with Adnre Rieu and his orchestra playing ( the silence)
9 year old Amira Willighagan sings Puccini’s, Oh my beloved father. 
Kids Lip-Syncing A Wonderful Christmas Song
18 year old sings at the fair ground ( short video )

11 responses to “Amazing videos to watch

  1. Could you get that low,,,,,,,, in the singing I mean. 😉

  2. In this world it is nice to have a little light entertainment. brill’

  3. The Holloween thingy almost gave me a massive coronary.

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