Whitney Houston dies aged 48

Whitney Houston dies aged 48

She will be sadly missed, i thought she was a wonderful singer with a very clear voice and a large vocal range when she sang, also you could always understand all the words of the song as she was singing.

Photo from Fanpix.net

A unique singer with a beautiful voice, who has been the top-selling artist for many years has died alone in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton.

She was found by a member of the singer’s entourage found her in her hotel room and he called hotel security, who called for an ambulance. Paramedics tried CPR, but Whitney was pronounced dead at 3.55pm.

The singer was reportedly found in the bathtub. No illegal drugs have been found in the room, but prescription drugs have been.

She sang in Belfast twice and tickets were sold out within an hour.

I think she started to go downhill when she married Bobby Brown, and started to use crack and other drugs.

Reports and recent photos on TV show that she has changed so much and her voice was not the same as is was when she was singing.

R.I.P. Whitney.

27 responses to “Whitney Houston dies aged 48

  1. Very sad news Harry.

    So much talent cut short; it happens far too often


  2. She really had quite a voice. She sang our National Anthem one time and it was beyond anything I’ve ever heard. Even though she got caught up in the hard and fast world of drugs, you just knew that her voice was coming from some divine place inside of her. So sad.

  3. It’s a sad day. So many great singers have died these 2 years. It’s a disease that spreads through this world today. May she finally rest in peace and be free.

  4. Or a disease that goes with being famous.

    A very sad day indeed. You were talking about her clear voice. It’s absolutely true. It’s a shame the drugs eventually shot it to pieces. I’ve also written about her and while I was looking for a suitable video on YouTube (no, I didn’t go for I Will Always Love You, because it’s too mawkish for me), I found some acapella versions of a few of her greatest hits. They really do show the strength and clarity of her vocals. No AutoTune required. As one of your commentators said, the voice was truly a gift from within.

  5. I was Really Quite Saddened to hear this… She was only 48… She had such a Huge Impact on so many people in the 80’s and 90’s I believe. Her Fans are surely to be Devastated… My Heart Goes out to them, as this is surely a Sad Day.

    Thanks Harry


  6. RIP, Withney … that’s there’s to be said … also thinking of her young daughter Bobby Christina … may she be surrounded by her loving family … thanks for the tribute on this fomer icon, Mr. D…. Love, cat.

  7. What you said about being able to understand all her words is true Harry. So why can’t you put videos on here…it is easy. Just go to the youtube page of the video you want and copy the URL. Then click on the little camera next to upload/insert on the post. After that click on ‘From URL’ up the top…then under insert media from another website click on ‘Audio, Video, or Other File’ and add the copied URL in to the box marked URL – then click insert in to post. DONE !!! If you save your post you can then view it to check whether it plays or tells you to go to youtube to watch it. Let me know how you go you old bugger !!! Hehehehe

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  9. I, too, feel her voice was from this place inside–filled with light and love and hope. She reminds me of Marilyn in that aspect.

    I also feel she squandered her life and talent. She didn’t just damage her voice, she destroyed that instrument. What harm did she do to her daughter? As a mother, I know her own mother, Cissy, is heartbroken–she tried hard to get Whitney clean.

    As I said on AGL’s blog, it’s a shame that a whole generation will remember her (and Maya Rudolph on SNL playing Whitney) yelling–in a slurred voice–“BOBby!! BOOOOBBBBBby!!” and not her surreal voice singing in a pure clean way she had of delivering a song.

  10. Addie she did squander her life in the last few years its a shame.

  11. I totally concur about being able to understand her words… since then, we’re lucky to have that luxury, if, in fact, there really are words in the songs… I get goosebumps just thinking about her singing… a true icon, whose legacy I HOPE will focus on the beauty in her soul and her awesome ability to express that with her voice… love you, Whitney…

  12. At the minute , her records are being downloaded faster than any other singer, so in death, she is back to the top.

  13. I remember her best from The Bodyguard, the movie she starred in with Kevin Costner. I’ve wished many times they would come together again in a sequel. Sadly, that will never happen.

  14. What wonderful memorial words for one of the best voices to ever grace planet earth. That’s my opinion anyway. But, my recollection of her goes back before the movie, to when she was a back up singer on a song she later recorded and popularized during the movie you mentioned. The song was “I’m Every Woman” but was sang originally by Chaka Khan, of the band “Rufus”…The song was written by Ashford and Simpson. Whitney of course made it shine for the world. Also, “I Will Always Love You” was written by Dolly Parton, when her popularity and fame outgrew her young sidekick role on the “Porter Wagoner Show”,..(not sure if there was a romantic attachment) but, she wrote it for him, as he was apparently a little reluctant to let her leave the show, as he had discovered her, yadi yada..etc..
    Yes, Whitney will certainly be greatly missed.
    Dolly Parton said in an interview a few years ago:

    “When I wrote and sang that song, I put money in the bank, but when Whitney sang it, I BOUGHT THE BANK”

  15. Thanks Paul, she and the voice will be missed by many. I remember Chaka Khan 🙂

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