Summer weather, what summer, poem.

Where is our summer

where has it gone

what has happened

the earth has turned

for me in 60 years

from long hot summers

B.Q’s, sunbathing, picnic’s

to rain nearly every day

constant rainbows

miserable days

global warming, the ozone level

must be to blame

most people say yes

some say no

those who say no

are linked to big business

they need to get

their heads out of their ass

and smell the roses

before its to late.

One response to “Summer weather, what summer, poem.

  1. Russ McDowell

    Good job on summer…
    So we look at global warming
    Pollution is a culprit you see
    Perhaps it’s Earth’s adolescence
    How long it will take
    Has confounded me

    I do the best to save this planet
    It’s the only abode I know
    This Earth’s adolescence
    Gives us spectacular shows

    Stay tuned for the sequel
    With good things
    It’s bound to come
    Watch for sun spots in the sun
    That life-giving orb
    That makes this planet run


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