Colgate toothpaste advertisment.

Colgate has created a very ingenious advertising campaign to promote their dental floss and promote cleaner teeth, but before I explain to you the main detail of these images, I will let you appreciate them quietly.type102




Alright, now that you had time to quietly observe the images, did you not see the deliberate mistakes.

In the first one you will now notice that she has one finger too many in her hand, in the second one a phantom arm is floating there, and in the third one the man has only one ear…

The campaign attained its purpose, because it proved that food remains on your teeth draw more attention than any physical defect.

40 responses to “Colgate toothpaste advertisment.

  1. Ha ha. Very clever. Yes,I only noticed the food on the guys teeth. 😀

  2. Lol, that’s really cool. It reminds me a little of this show I was watching – I think it was something like How The Brain Works? They were talking about how the brain filters certain things out and chooses one thing to really focus on. In one experiment they tested the theory of how well people pay attention to their surroundings while on a cell phone. They had a clown riding around them on a unicycle, and nobody on cell phones noticed. Then, in another experiment they had an illusionist pose as a store clerk, and staff members would create a distraction so the illusionist could change something about their appearance. The illusionist would start the conversation with a red shirt, a hat, an eyepatch, and a sling on his left arm. By the end of it, his shirt was black and the hat, eyepatch, and sling were all gone, and no one the guy talked to actually noticed until they saw the footage playback. It was the strangest thing – but really, really cool. 🙂

  3. Very good Harry! I didnt notice! Lol

  4. Our Adventure in Croatia

    that sounds (looks) like a very cunning plan! it works!

  5. most clever, Harry!!!
    went right through me! without even a second glance – until you suggest to look for them!


  6. that’s awesome, it totally got me! i even went back after i read the first one to look for the mistakes in the second and third, i couldn’t find it in the third!

  7. Oh, how fascinating ! ! Good one, Mr. Dribb;ling pernsioner !

  8. Thanks miss Chubby cheeks 😆 only kiding i was reading your post 🙂

  9. HA! I was caught and had to steal this for my facebook buddies ….. thanks 🙂

  10. Cabbage is my bete noire Harry!

  11. All I noticed was the food on the teeth 🙂

  12. Haha! I didn’t see any of the flaws. Amazing.

  13. I was so transfixed by the food in the teeth that everything else went right by me!

  14. Woah! I’ve seen this ad a bajillion times and I’ve NEVER noticed that! Sooo clever!! I’m so sharing this on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

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  16. Reblogged this on Jacqui's Song and commented:
    Such a great post. Please check this out!!

  17. Fascinating. We see what we expect to see. A Colgate ad? We expect to be looking at teeth, not other body parts…

  18. Brilliant Harry, I must admit I noticed something different but couldn’t put my finger on it (no pun intended )

  19. When I hve got colgate I now that it’s best In the world

  20. Gosh, I pay more attention to food on teeth than physical defects – except on the last one, did wonder why the guy has only one ear with food on his teeth. Haha

  21. Brilliant and well spotted.

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