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The worlds longest snake

This is the worlds longest snake ever found the video is only 20sec’s long so please watch.

As it says watch on full screen and even turn the sound up.

Funny video about a car, amazing.


FIRST OF ALL, turn your volume up.

Set to full screen for best view.

The kids will love this short video.

Listen for a car crash, i cannot hear it.

And when the car re-appear’s, is it the same colour.

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How men can multi-task

This is a re-blog from two years ago, I love it.Short video Showing that men can multi-task.Better watched on full screen.

Sainsbury’s ad for xmas 2014.


Although an ad for a UK supermarket chain Sainsbury, this video is absolutely wonderful. And as I am sure most people are aware it actually happened.

The ad was for xmas 2014

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Fantastic plane time lapse videos.


I think these are great time lapse videos, the first one is the best.

They are from San Diego, Manchester and London.

They are all short videos. Best watched on full screen.

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Garth Brooks’ Cancelled Gigs.

Over 200,000 people were very disappointed when Garth Brooks cancelled his week long tour in Dublin.

This is how Hitler Reacts to Garth Brooks’ Cancelled Gigs.

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men can multi-task


Short video Showing that men can multi-task.

Better watched on full screen for best effect.

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Cute kitten video.


A video for all animal lovers

its very short.

You should watch on full screen for best result.


Justin Bieber, drugs,drink,criminal.

type102Justin Bieber, is he being lead astray by his father, his entourage, fellow artists or the people he hangs around with. Or is he just a complete arse hole with no sense, going from a budding new singer to a criminal / bad boy in just a few short years.
Justin Bieber court video
Yahoo news Read more

The 19-year-old pop star is facing possible jail time after his arrest in Florida on charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.
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Starling murmuration: Poem.


What a wonderful sight to behold

unison in full flow up in the sky

dancing together to put on a show.


If you would like to know what murmuration means click read more.

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Amazing videos to watch

Truly amazing videos of children preforming, great to watch i have played the first two 3/4 times.

      All i can tell you it is well worth the time to watch them                                                   all the way through.
Turn your sound up because a few are very low.
So enjoy them and let me know what you think of them

Wonderful video: Rain choir.


This is certainly one the most interesting choral arrangements I have seen or heard.

It is very unusual, no singing and no music.

Be sure to turn your sound on high enough to hear it.

Listen for the first time with your eyes closed.

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