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Harry’s diet plan


This is a diet plan for people who like to eat and have a little drink.  

It should help you along the road as long as you stick to it.

Please let me know what you think of it and how you get on.

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Female Genital Mutilation in Britain.


The first charges in British history over female genital mutilation have been brought against two men – one of whom is a doctor.

Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena, 31, who was working at the Whittington Hospital in north London, and 40-year-old Hasan Mohamed, who is not a medic, will face charges under the Female Genital Mutilation Act.

It is claimed the doctor from Ilford, east London, carried out the procedure on a woman who had given birth at the hospital’s maternity unit in November 2012.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘The charges follow an investigation by officers from Islington borough after an allegation was reported to police via a third party. Likely to be someone helping in the operating room.

How can any parent let their child go though this torture, because that’s what it is, it’s about time Briton started to prosecute these people doing the act.

Never mind who they are, where they come from, or what religion they are put the doctors and their parents in jail.

More at Daily Mail  the Gazette and the Standard

The photos are bad so i’ll leave it up to you to view them.

See the photos here

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Heart transplant campaign.

Ulster Television is supporting the UK-wide From The Heart campaign to raise awareness about organ donation and the N.H.S Organ Donor Register during Valentine’s week.In a special week of activity on air and online, U.T.V will highlight the shortage of available organs in Northern Ireland and across the UK.type102


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Woman ‘denied a termination’ dies in hospital

This is a sad case of a woman denied an abortion in Ireland, where their abortion laws are so out of date with human rights.

The lady, Savita Halappanavar (31), a dentist, was seventeen weeks pregnant but had bad back pain so she went to hospital, were they found she was fully dilated and the waters broke, which meant the baby would not live.

But the doctors said under the law they could do nothing as it was a Catholic country, they did nothing and she died.

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My lost hearing ( part 2 )

I got my new hearing aid after only four weeks, which i think was excellent service for the N.H.S.

The doctor showed me how it works and how to fit it in. Then he set the hearing aid by computer with to programs, one for normal use and one for crowded rooms.

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12-Week Abortion Limit

A few British politicians are suggesting that the legal limit for abortions should be dropped from 24 weeks down to 12 weeks.

Other politicians are asking that it be reduced down to 20 weeks which i think would be far better, as long as both have built in safe guards .

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My lost hearing.

I have always been blessed with good hearing, and as the saying goe’s ( i could hear the grass grow. ) But over this past two years i and others have noticed that i have started to ask them to repeat what they have just said. Or if I’m in a room with a lot of people i found it impossible to listen to one person speaking.

Embarrassing medical exams

1….. A man comes into the ER and yells . . .’
My wife’s going to have her baby in the cab.’
I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, lifted the lady’s dress and began to take off her underwear.
Suddenly I noticed that there were several cabs – – – and I was in the wrong one.
Submitted by Dr. Mark MacDonald , San Francisco.
2… At the beginning of my shift I placed a stethoscope on an elderly and slightly deaf female patient’s anterior chest wall.’Big breaths,’. . . I instructed.
‘Yes, they used to be,’. . .replied the patient.
Submitted by Dr. Richard Byrnes , Seattle , WA

Man Flu – the facts

Man Flu – The Facts…

1.  Man-Flu is more painful than childbirth.

This is an irrefutable scientific fact*.

*(Based on a survey of over 100,000 men.)

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Woman’s Hormone Guide

Please click  on the photo to enlarge  it so that you are able to read it.

Men, this is a guide just for you, to help you keep on the right side of your wife.

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British National health

The British National health has gone down in standards over many years, it started when the Labour party started to cut left, right and centre.

They cut the amount of staff, the amount of wards and also the amount of money going to the hospitals, etc.

In cutting the amount of wards, they had the bright idea of making some wards mixed, which i would find very awkward. The present Government has stopped mixed wards.

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The World’s fattest man.

World’s fattest man is revealed to be British and weighs 58 stone.

I hate what I have done to myself.

Pictured is Briton Keith Martin, 42, who has been named the world’s fattest man at 58 stone.   Photo from : Channel 5 News.   Story from Yahoo news.

The round-the-clock care Mr Martin needs is to be shown in a documentary which will be screened later this month. Because his health is so fragile he has a team of 18 people looking after him – including his sisters, nurses and ambulance staff.With a 6ft waist the former warehouseman, 42, is now wider than his 5ft 9in height.Mr Martin’s daily diet includes eight hotdogs and ham sandwiches for breakfast, a selection of chocolate bars and biscuits for lunch and two roast dinners with a whole bag of oven chips, the Daily Mail reports.

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