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Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.

Poetry challenge: Christmas poem.



believe it or not folk’s it’s that time of the year again,

it’s time for the Christmas poetry challenge

here’s hoping that as many of you will take part as you did last year


Why not come over and leave your poem  here https://poetscornerblog.wordpress.com/ at poets corner, or you can leave it here as a comment and I will post it for you.

Poetry: Acrostic poem

P = putting pen to paper

O = organizing the words

E = energy sapping thinking

T = texting the brain

S = stimulating thoughts

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America’s election 2016

I feel sorry for the American people that they don’t have a better selection of candidates for President.  Down to earth honest people who will get on with the job regardless of big business and their money and the lobbyist for business and banks etc.
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The path


Within in an outward light

shines the path to life

repeated time an again

never diverting

on it’s journey
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Summer weather, what summer, poem.

Where is our summer

where has it gone

what has happened

the earth has turned
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My memory is short, poem.


Forgive my forgetfulness

I was not always like this

not knowing who you are

I have my pictures

your name slipped away

I know your face
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Forever friend, poem.

Button of death.


It was a beautiful clear day

flying high above the clouds

setting out on our trip

hours passed before we

reached our destination

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Poem: Feelings.

I have no feelings

if something goes wrong

it’s not my fault, blame yourself

for your own stupid mistakes

be more careful where you go

be more careful what you do

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Poem: The mist- Haiku.


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100,000 hits / visitors

I would like to thanks all my followers, readers and visitors for their help in making my blog so popular and reaching this great milestone in a blogs life.

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Watching: Poem.

Out side a cafe, drinking tea,

I’m watching the world go by.

People of all descriptions passing.

Fat people, thin people, old and young.

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