Amanda Knox to be extradited.

type102An Italian court has pronounced US student Amanda Knox guilty of murder and sentenced her in absentia to 28 years and six months in prison. And her former Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito and sentenced him to 25 years.



They both still say they are innocent of the crime, but they were both in the flat at the time and must have heard any noise or disturbance that took place.

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Then two hours or so after the murder was report they were filmed kissing outside, this is not the reaction of anyone who’s flatmate has just been murdered. Reports at the time say that four people were having a sex party which went wrong, and some clothes from Knox and her boyfriend had blood on them.

Two knives were found to be used at the killing so the man in jail did not act alone.

Her little tearful shaky voice on American TV will not fool anyone.

But, i believe the American Gov; will not extradite her (they should she’s a criminal) they will do everything in their power to block it. If they do, no country in the world should extradite any person to America no matter what the crime is, America seems to want the world to work to their rules and screw you when you want something in return.

The forgotten party in is is Meredith Kercher the British student who was raped and murdered.

8 responses to “Amanda Knox to be extradited.

  1. I appreciate your blogs, Harry. I do grow weary of the constant bashing of America. Amanda should serve her sentence, and, this country has extradited people in the past. I, for one, hope they will do so in this case. I find the flip flopping of the Italian court decisions to be irritating…guily, not-guilty, guilty. Make up your mind.

    We are a flawed nation, but, then, show me one who isn’t.

    • The courts should get their act together its a disgrace the way they have messed around in this case and maybe even others.
      Every nation is flawed, none more-so than Briton, the way they can’t make their minds up about immigration, known murders, thieves etc are living here because they can’t be sent home because of their human rights, to hell with them.

  2. sounds like a farce… three trials, until the get what they want.

  3. I am not convinced of her guilt ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ Harry. Too many discrepancies. And I hate that they can just keep retrying this until they get a verdict they like.

  4. Well, as I said the court needs to get their act together.

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