Superbowl 2014

type102I watched the game last night and it was the first one I watched completely through, i really cannot see what all the hype is about, its only a one hour match stretched into three to three and half hours, and about a half hour for a break.

Photo: yahoo photos
Photo: yahoo photos

The big favourites were taken apart, the Denver team and the quarter back hadn’t a bloody clue what to do to stop them. The defence should have stayed at home for all the good they were, and as for the attackers how many times did they fail to get the first ten yards.

Well done Seattle Seahawks you played like champions.

And straight from the kick of after half time, three players couldn’t stop one player running the full length of the field to score, he ran straight past a total of five people.

I cannot understand why a player runs once or twice and then goes of for a rest, a man feeds them a drink, has another rest then goes on again, they don’t run that far, some of them don’t even move.

A lot of them are well over weight maybe that’s the reason, they are so unfit they cannot run, even when trying to catch someone its impossible for them. Number 22 is bordering on obesity

And how can the superbowl winners call themselves world champions, how many other countries took place to give them the right to be world champions and where did the matches take place.

I don’t think i’ll watch another superbowl because it was a shit game.

7 responses to “Superbowl 2014

  1. I think it is something just for Americans, they want a sport where they alone can compete, so they can win…like with World Series Baseball. I’ll be tuning into the World Cup in Brazil, which truly is international, and where the FOOTball doesn’t involve use of the hands (with the exceptions of goalkeepers and Maradona).

  2. American football always looks rather wimpy to me … all that padding … pussies!
    Now rugby, that’s just muscle on muscle and really big, terrifying looking blokes. That’s a real man’s game.

  3. Grid iron is a game for wimps, fat, unfit men thinking they are great.
    Rugby is a great sport and I think they Americans would be afraid to play it.

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