Controversial Posts

Muslims kill 14 year old boy

Female genital mutilation in Briton

U.N condemn Vatican

Teenagers commit suicide

Abu Qatada deported.

Cardinal Keith Obrien, inappropriate behaviour

Girl burned to death

Mother murders son

America’s fiscal cliff

Rape in India.

USA mass shootings 2012

Uganda against homosexuals 

School shooting in America

Australian DJ’S linked to nurses death

Woman dies after being denied termination

2 responses to “Controversial Posts

  1. It’s hard to know whether to “Like” some of these particular posts… but, I do like that you took the time to share them. Where there heck are you? You run out of bad jokes or something? Hehehe

  2. I spend a lot of time in my new poetry blog

    And yet more time in my new joke blog so you will find plenty here.

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