About Me

My name is Harry and i’m a 72 year old pensioner from Belfast, Northern Ireland, with time on my hand’s to write this blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog, have a look around and i hope you enjoy reading the post’s i have so for and do call back sometime.

There will not be any long post’s in case i forget the subject  i was writing about .

I hope you like my post’s,  if you do please click the like button,  i cannot even find where it is.

I’m going to try and cover as many thing’s as possible, as i have a lot of thing’s to rant about.

If you comment, you can be sure I will alway’s answer.

Subscribe and you will not miss a post be it good or bad.

195 responses to “About Me

  1. You make me smile! No long posts because you can’t keep the thought… haha. I’m giving you a virtual hug!

  2. i’m very please with it Sara and thank you very much, i don’t know how i did it but the new header is there now at last.

  3. and how doe’s that one look 🙂

  4. i’m about to do it Sara, i think i like the yellow one best.

  5. This post has been edited, it was a joke which Emily posted so i’m using it in one of my post’s with her blessing.

  6. Nice!
    You have got yourself another subscriber 🙂
    (i don’t think they will notify you about RSS subscribers… so i thought, I myself will do that… )

  7. Thank you genobz for subscribing, RSS subscriber’s that’s way over my head , you’ve lost me 🙂

  8. it’s ok.
    RSS was alien, to me, till a few months back..
    But now that i have understood it, I prefer to use that for reading blogs. 🙂

  9. I loved the blog even before I saw your Arsenal badge. I am in Austin Texas USA and we have a bar in town where we watch all the Arsenal games live. Because of the time difference the afternoon games can be at 6:30am but there’s always a crowd.
    Oh crap, now I forgot what I was gonna say…. well go Gunners from one old fart to a mature and intelligent senior.

  10. As a life long Liverpool fan I love your blog and will be returning 😉

  11. Womanbydesign,Thank you for your visit and also for subscribing to my site, i will visit your’s very soon. Sorry to hear that you are a Liverpool fan, but we all can’t be perfect 🙂

  12. I loved the blog then I saw the Arsenal badge and loved it more 😀

  13. Now I understand the reason for your great sense of humour!

  14. I finaly added the read more button to the most recent 7 or so posts. But Before I do the rest of them.. could you have a look? I wasnt sure if I’m adding them in the right places. Maybe too soon or not soon enough.

    I await your advice, my royal adviser to the castle -4cats

    • The look great now, the first two a wee bit long not much, the 3rd is fine, you write powerful long posts i don’t know how you do it 🙂
      It must be near time over there for the moggies dinner 🙂

      Edit:- i thought you were subscribed long ago but thank you anyway 🙂

  15. I have been suscribed for a long time, but thats the other me. 😉
    ok thanks. I think they are too long also, but givin the subject, I thought it would mess with peoples heads if I broke it up in the middle.
    Thanks Much.

  16. It worked in the other blog, but the site seems to be dorment no-0ne is answering help questions, and the edit post part is missing.

  17. Hi, I just had to stop by after what you wrote on Pigletinportugal’s page about this new follow button we all seem to have! I think I’ll have fun here so I’m following you now. I especially had to subscribe as you’ve got that bloke from ‘up’ on your page – reminds me so much of my step-dad (scouser) and I’m not the only one to say it! I look forward to your rants.

  18. Happy to have you here, your the first from Liverpool so you will enjoy the blonde jokes , i hope 🙂

  19. DP – I may be blonde but I’m not from Liverpool but can appreciate the blonde jokes – that’s me through and through, totally dippy but I do actually have a brain as well. I’m from Bolton, you will have heard of it from your football connections – my son works for Bolton Wanderers. Have I just sworn…..?

  20. Hi Harry, I live a bit further south than you, love your blog. Haven’t been by in a litle while as I was away for the summer. Don’t know if you do awards but I’ve just nominated you for the versatile Blogger Award http://cilginkiz-hocam.blogspot.com/2011/09/versatile-blogger-mark-2.html

  21. Yes Hocam, its been months since you were here but welcome back, we have been in Wexford many times years ago, now as far as we go is Bray.
    Thanks for the award who sends it out 🙂 and when doe’s the cheque arrive.

  22. Yes I was in Turkey for 2 months and as the sun is such a rare sight in Wexford I spent more time outside than in. Hence, falling behind with the blog reading. Now the award, that’s the bad news, it’s just the honour and glory and of course work to be done if you accept. I get to Bray sometimes myself, I’ve a friend living there.

  23. We would maybe stay in Bray and on saturday night go for a meal and a good night at the dog track in Dublin.

    “Honour and glory and of course work”, work i’m retired, will it take me to Turkey for 2 months.

  24. I’d swop places if you like. I’d love to be retired. Maybe we’ll hold a bloggers conference. Choose the venue, Bray or Bodrum:-) The second one gets my vote.

  25. Bodrum, i thought that was some sort of drum 🙂 Bodrum would do.

  26. I love this “About Me”!!

    I found you via Belfast David.

    You have already made me laugh so I will definitely continue reading.


  27. Welcome Christine and do visit again, i have a short poem posted you might like 🙂 and theres another coming up very shortly, i’ll visit yours soon, Harry

  28. This is all very interesting stuff but 66 is far too young to be dribbling! I like the mediaevalmaiden as well – she is a hot bit of kit. Sometimes I regret being a mad monk.

  29. Thanks Mike, i was just an early starter its same to getting a bit less now.
    Yes mediaevalmaiden is hot, but don’t ask her about potatoes, she will set a spell on you 🙂

  30. Oh, I shall have to crawl into my pentagram then – or should I be on the outside of it? I love a good potato and have grown three types this year. Glad the dribbling’s easing up Harry – most of my people don’t start until they are mid eighties. Sharp as knives wit-wise though, at times. Glad to make your cyber acquaintance!

  31. Thanks for all your help and support, Harry. I added you to my blog roll and I live in the United States.

    Love your blog, by the way. SO glad you found me and I found you!


  32. Get your tissues out…I’m nominating you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. I should have it posted by this morning. Go to my blog to get the details because there are “rules” about accepting and “paying it forward” should you choose to accept. I hope you do. And I hope you get some increased traffic on your blog–you sure do deserve it!


  33. I did read it Lorna and thank you for the award, you can get a laugh out of my reply, now i have to see who to pass it on to.

  34. Do they even still have the whole, “Blog Roll ” thing, Harry? I’m trying to figure out the new lay-out for the Administration bar etc, and to be honest, I thought they changed it to follow. I don’t know what they did last night, but, as I was in the middle of editing something, it changed my screen resolution, or something, that I’ve not recovered the site from. Weird, anyway,I’ll be adding you to Blog Roll, per your request and reciprocation…just as soon as I can find it..probably after work today though.
    God Bless

  35. Thank you and, dashboard/links/add link, add the site url and name, tick blogroll box, save link , top right, thats it.

  36. A big thanks for the nomination for the VBA! I finally got around to doing a post about it and following the guidelines with my list of bloggers and of course the best part… seven things about me. I couldn’t stop at 7 because, well, it’s about ME! Take a look if you have a moment.. Thanks again. http://off-the-mainstream.com/2011/09/26/award-sharing-time/#more-759

    You seem to be becoming the patriarch of us youngsters. Always good advice, a helping hand, and little humour. (You notice I spelled humour all Britishy. I’m bilingual.)

  37. Harry, That’s because American’s are always in a hurry and we don’t like extra letters like (color and colour)

    Although when I watch Graham Norton on BBC I have to turn on the subtitles so I can read what everyone is saying. He’ll have guests from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the North of England and it’s the Tower of Babel with fancy clothes.

    I speak Canadian, too. Eh?

  38. I also have problems with brouge’s, Canadian thats hard to understand my brother lives in Canada.

  39. Just so you’re aware. There are other pensioners lurking about in the hedges, on the other side of the pond. I am a year older than thou and a bit more interested in drawing than writing, but you might find something of interest on my blog. Of course you are invited for a look so please come on over and I’ll keep looking at you kid (Humphrey Bogart) in the meantime. Cheers and keep on blogging.

  40. I have been reading your comments on Midaeval Maiden’s Space and so I thought why not call over and see what this fellow is all about, of course now that I am here I will probably swamp your blogs with comments, well that is if I can keep up with all the other Spaces I frequent? 🙂 lol

    I don’t know if you like Horror, you know the odd Werewolf, Zombie, Skeleton or Vampire and with the odd Ghoul thrown in for good measure but if you do then why not pick up a wooden mallet, some very sharp stakes and a few cloves of garlic and take a walk through My Gothic Realm 🙂

    Don’t worry though as I will try and stop anything from grabbing you during mid stride 🙂 So how about that for a wicked invite? 🙂

    Call by whenever you are in the mood for a bit of Blood Soaked Pizza or a Slice of Skeleton Pie…

    Be well my friend 🙂


    • Hello Androgoth, i have seen you there and a few other sites and i have been to your site 2 / 3 times so i’ll call back again.

      • I have two Guestbooks if you are not too keen on the horrors, however if you do then just add a comment somewhere, I always reply to everyone that visits my Space…

        Have a great rest of evening
        and equally a fine weekend also 🙂


  41. Harry – can you please e-mail me your e-mail address. I need to ask you something. And it is quite URGENT. Jo

  42. Hi Harry!
    This is the very first time I met a retired blogger!
    And this is a scenario that I think would be very interesting to know!
    Read you soon!

  43. Dear Harry,
    thank you so much for your help with the weather widget. I followed the link and now it is done already.
    I like your blog very much. If I look at it and read I realise how much work I still have got ahead of me… Are you as funny in real life too? I hope you are…
    Warm regards

  44. Harry I found your blog via Lorna – when I saw “dribbling pensioner” I just had to check out your blog. I really look forward to reading more – I like your style.


  45. Hey Harry – just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find info at my link..

    Congrats – Jacqueline 😉

  46. Thank you very much Jacqueline for the award, and i will head over there now.

  47. Hey Harry, I nominated you for The Versatile Award. Cause I love your blog. Check out my blog for more info. 🙂

  48. I invite you to collaborate with my italinglish tin box 😉

  49. nice blog…and nice to meet you. both are very amusing and entertaining. i like!

  50. Hi Harry,

    I’ve awarded you with The Reader Appreciation Award.
    Thank you!

  51. eva626, thank you for visiting and i’m glad you enjoy my humble blog 🙂 and please call back, sign up and don’t miss a post 🙂

  52. Hi Harry, I came across one of your comments on granny1947’s recent posts so thought I’d pop in here to say hello and get to know you.
    I like your blog (love the header) and have subscribed as I don’t want to miss any of your rants!

  53. barb19, i’m glad you paid a visit and hope you enjoy my posts and the comments etc, i’ll visit your blog soon, but i’m off to bed now 😆

  54. No worries – goodnight Harry! 🙂

  55. I love the little animated pictures you have on your blog Harry. How do you do that?

  56. Lynda, do a search for animated gif pictures or animated pictures, if you see one you like, right click and it should go to ” pictures ” in your pc, then up-load as usual to a post, i have a test blog i try things in first before posting.

    Heres a site for smileys


  57. What a great blog! I’m glad I found this, I’m enjoying having a look through your posts! 🙂

  58. limebirdbeth, thank you for visiting and also for subscribing, i hope you enjoy my posts. I will visit later.

  59. Hey Mr D. I voted for you for blogger of the year in the dark globe award. Fingers crossed that you get it. 🙂

  60. Maiya, thank you very much, i’ll return the favour if its needed.

  61. Hello Harry,
    I had a quick look-around and liked what I saw. Will be back after the holidays. Have one on me…
    All good wishes,
    P/S Well, have a dozen…who is counting. Hic! 🙂

  62. Harry,

    I have written an article about the connection between where in the world people live longest, and the fact that tax havens feature prominently in the top ten locations.

    I was wondering if you might be interested in seeing it in case you might like to add it to your blog?

    If so, I can send it html ready, or in plain text, whichever you prefer.

    I look forward to your reply, and hope your Christmas has been a good one.

    Roger Munns

  63. “If you comment, you can be sure I will alway’s answer”.

    Watch those apostrophes, Harry. You don’t need one before every “s”!

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  65. I’ve chosen you for the ‘One lovely Blog Award’ Congratulations. Pop over to my Blog to collect it.

  66. Harry, I could only find two people for my award but I think you can choose five. Look at mature student’s, she chose more.

  67. Your username has always made me smile. All the best,

  68. MissMeddle, thank you for your comment and your visit, i was thinking of changing it but i’ll not bother now.

  69. Congratulations on winning The Dark Globe Blogger of the Year Award!

  70. I’m thrilled to award you the Kreativ blogger award. Check my Blog for details and congratulations…

  71. I have finally checked this page of your blog. We visited Belfast very briefly on a visit to the UK and France a few years ago. I have to admit that it was not what I had expected in that it was so very different than the Republic of Ireland. I admire your country very much. You must have seen a lot of changes over your years. Have you been there throughout your life? Have you visited the U.S?

  72. Hello Harry

    I am passing this award on to you.
    Please click on the link for more info: http://wp.me/1OTI7
    Just a token of my appreciation for your blog!
    ~ Sirenia ~

  73. Hello Harry I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you enjoy it. Details can be found here: http://wp.me/p1ZC80-U4
    Love, Steph

  74. Steph thank you very much for the award.

  75. thanks for the read and “like” DP, i appreciate it. continue…

  76. Hello Harry
    I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Details are here: http://wp.me/p1ZC80-WO
    Love, Steph

  77. Yay, Belfast .. I know it well as my mother was born there and I have spent many holidays with family and friends around that coast. My cousin lives close to Stormont Castle and my Uncle is in Dundonald. I have an Aunt in Groomsport and another Uncle in Carrickfergus …. it’s a small world and obviously you’re not so much of the dribbling either …..!

    • Hi Linda, thanks for the follow i’ll call over later.

      Which part of Belfast did she come from.
      We lived in Dundonald for a year and i used to work out there.
      Groomsport a lovely place to live and also for a few hours out.
      Carrickfergus, i know it well and have lots of friends who live there.

      Btw, you name link needs to be fixed this is what comes up when you click your name.

      Oops! Google Chrome could not find http://www.womanonontheedgeofreality.com

      If you look at it there you have got ” on ” in twice.

      • Ooops … that’s not good. Mum was originally from Aven Street (I think that’s how you pronounce) then was brought up in India and came back to Newtonards ….

  78. Linda, i would say its Avon Street, never heard of Aven.
    Newtownards, very nice town.

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  80. andriayiasmin

    Thank you for the follow Harry:) Really like your sense of humor:) And I am a Greek-Cypriot thank you for asking:)

  81. Steven L. Campbell

    Thanks for the follow. Love your blog, so I’m returning the favor. 🙂

  82. I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award. Looking forward to learning 7 things about you!


  83. Educated Chimp

    I appreciate your correction on my blog! I’m simply a student still in school, so it’s important that I have people watching out for my errors. I hope you continue to read and critique!


  84. Hi Harry! Writing is a great way to save your thoughts and spare your brain the hard work of retrieving them. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m following yours.

  85. Your About page made me smile. Definitely a great blog and I’ve only just started to surf around. Saw your at my blogger friend’s blog – Devina, so I thought of doing a blog hop to yours. Glad I did. 🙂

  86. Haha I love this. 66 is not that old but I guess I am only 23 and my joints and memory aren’t the best so I’m not looking forward to my 60s =) We share a bit in common: I lived in Northern Ireland in County Down for 7 years before and have been to Belfast quite often – not a lot to do there so I see why you have a blog =) I am a live in carer to an older lady with dementia and have just started a blog about my experience. I have only posted a couple of publications so far but I wondered if you’d be interested (might make you feel better about your occasional bad memory! =) ) Anyway I’ll go have a read at your posts as they look good, particularly the poems x

  87. You have a nice sense of humour..
    I liked it.. 🙂

  88. Hey, I’ve sent you an e-mail invite for http://excellenceasylum.wordpress.com/

    The blogs still being constructed and what not. Thanks for joining me Harry 🙂

  89. Hi, it’s Ryan.

    There is a new law in the Philippines that is being met with strong criticism. Would you mind helping us out and blogging about our petition?

    The link to it is: http://www.change.org/petitions/otakus-of-this-world-show-their-support-for-anime-lovers-in-the-philippines.

    Slightly more information (like what the actual law is) is available on my blog: http://wp.me/pmTrk-Xj.

    Thank you in advance!

    • I will put the link up to-morrow Ryan, i signed the petition.

      • Thanks! The law actually got suspended, and its hearing is set for January.

        It will probably be revived under a different name anyway, though, so thanks for signing the petition and for posting!

  90. I have nominated you for ‘Blog of the Year’ award. All details on my latest post 🙂

  91. There is a lot of wisdom writ all over your blog, I always say, ‘Take the wisdom from the elderly, the power of youth’. After all, age is but a number, so you and I can make the world really a better place. 😀 Very inspiring blog. ~kudos~

  92. simonsundarajkeun

    A very informative and educational blog. I enjoy the articles and topics on this blog. I glad to have found your blog. Thank you for the posting. 🙂

  93. Hello Harry,

    Hope it is not too late to wish you a wonderful New Year. May 2013 bring you more happiness, love, and success. I would like to thank you because you continue following my blog. I hope my blog posts do not disappoint and that your visits in there have been a joyful ride.Thank you again, Harry, many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  94. Love the title of your blog. So self-deprecating, but funny. 🙂

  95. Hi Harry,
    I have nominated you for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.
    Check it out http://wp.me/p2hl6j-7e

  96. We´ve just met at the support forum…

    • Ah, the signing in fault don’t worry it does not last long, its the same as the avatars going mini they will come back as well.

      Thank you for visiting and hope you come back again, i’ll call over to yours soon.

  97. Harry, how are you?

    Good news, we are giving you the “BEST MOMENT AWARD“. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the day!

  98. Hi Harry! You are such a nice man with a great sense of humor! Thank you for your beautiful words. Keep on inspiring young aspiring writers like me. You have a gift and that gift makes a difference in people’s lives. 🙂

  99. My mum’s a blogging pensioner, take a look at http://www.visitfyldecoast.info, Chrissies Blog is on the front page.

  100. hi Harry — I have a limerick that you may like, but I would have to email it and you can post it if you like it.

  101. Harry – I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you play golf? Mama is planning a trip for us somewhere across the pond in the spring after I get my teeth. She is looking at river excursions on the continent, however, the lure of the value that Ireland offers is very powerful to a frugal woman and especially for a beer drinking golfer.

  102. I have nominated you for the 2013 Blog of the Year Award. You May Accept, You May Decline, You May Appreciate the Honour and yet be Disinclined, But whatever You May Be, Be Sure You are Valued and Exceptional, To Me! Please Find the information for this award at my post: http://booknvolume.com/2013/12/03/cheerfully-chu…-and-then-some/

  103. crochetthread

    Hi Harry, I have nominated you for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD. You can read the nomination here:

    Keep up the good laughs!

  104. Loving your blog and also Poets Corner, Harry. Have placed a link on my websites. Hope you feel like reciprocating

  105. I loved loved loved your stuff 🙂 You’re so adorable! Pardon the word but like I hope you get what I mean here 🙂

  106. Kristina Galea

    Hi nice to meet you Harry! I’m Kristina , from Malta.

  107. Harry long time here is one for you can’t get in to forum it’s all changed

    AKA teasy

  108. Hello Harry. I am also 66, 6/18/49 but you look about a hunnert years older than me.

  109. krishnowornever

    Hey Harry,

    I’m Krish, not too sure if u remember but I used to run the wordpress blog: kountingkrishes about 4 years ago. Long story short, I lost access to it and stopped writing for almost 4 years . Now I am writing again, created this new site a week ago and I remembered to check your page out! Good to see that you never stopped writin . You have always been one of my favorite bloggers here in wordpress. Looking forward to reading all your work!!!!

  110. How are you keeping, Harry?

    • I’m doing well after the minor stroke I had a few months back, are you doing well.

      • Oh my gosh, I’m glad your better. A scary coincidence, my grandmother had a minor stroke late last year, it was a harrowing time. She’s back up and at it again. Honestly, physically I’m fine, but these days are much difficult for me otherwise but I don’t give up easy 😉

    • I was ready to go after 3 days but they kept me a week, my wife’s bad with her nerves but that’s another story 🙂

  111. Hope you’re keeping alright Harry!

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