America’s election 2016

I feel sorry for the American people that they don’t have a better selection of candidates for President.  Down to earth honest people who will get on with the job regardless of big business and their money and the lobbyist for business and banks etc.

Hilary Clinton who has been involved for years in politics and knows what goes on and also knows the rules, and the advisors and staff she has should know them.  But no, she still did wrong by having a private email box which is not allowed and the advisors knew and also used it.Donald Trump, no political experience but is going to change the world and America.

He does not believe in Global warming so he’s going to do away with it. He hates Mexicans so he’s going to build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for, I don’t think so. He hates women, blacks, Muslims, immigrants, disabled,  that’s enough of  that.

But he does love Vladimir Putin and the Russians and he wants them to attack the web in America.

Again, I feel sorry for the American people to get this load of shit for leaders.

One response to “America’s election 2016

  1. It’s only gotten worse. It’s hard to believe I live in the United States, once a great democracy.

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