Military Wives Choir

Singing: Wherever You Are.

With millions on strike, much of Europe on the verge of financial collapse and Britain plummeting into a second recession, the outlook seems pretty grim. All the more reason, then, to celebrate one man.

The utterly inspirational Gareth Malone, who is single-handedly transforming entire communities all over Britain by the simple means of teaching them to sing and believe in them-selves.

His latest B.B.C. TV series of The Choir was, without doubt, the best thing on television this year.

He took a group of vulnerable, anxious Army wives, whose husbands were fighting in Afghanistan, and turned them into a choir whose heartbreakingly beautiful performance at the Royal Albert Hall in front of the Queen for the Festival of Remembrance is simply impossible to watch without weeping.

Pictures from the BBC

Choirmaster Gareth Malone

On paper, Gareth’s everything a TV star should not be: middle-class, floppy-haired and a bit of a young fogey. He went to a boys’ grammar school, his father works in a bank and he loves classical music. Yet to encounter him is to love him, because in an age obsessed with self-esteem but no idea of how to achieve it, he inspires people to believe that they are capable of more than they ever dreamed.

The first video is the choir making a record for christmas for charity,  with pictures of their husbands on duty in Afghanistan.

The second video is the choir singing in the Royal Albert Hall at the Festival of Remembrance in front of the Queen and millions on television live.

The record became Britain’s number one  at Christmas for sales and all the money with be given to an Army Charity.

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21 responses to “Military Wives Choir

  1. Brilliant! What Gareth and these Military Ladies have achieved is absolutely amazing, and I take my hat off to them all!

  2. barb, they are very good and he has made some very good choirs over the years.

  3. most moving, Harry… thanks for the share…

  4. Thank you for sharing Harry….really good.

  5. Fuck! I got all teary eyed and covered with goose pimples watching those videos. They were quite lovely mate!!

  6. You’re so right Harry, Gareth Malone is truly inspiring and I love anyone who brings out the best in others.

  7. Marcia, he is and he does a great job with ordinary people.

  8. Thank you Harry for posting this.

    Good news stories are hard to find so it is terrific to find this here


  9. hats off for this clever yet creative guy!

  10. Great story. I love to see a young man use his talents to inspire people. Thanks for sharing, Harry.

  11. You are so right. This young man is amazing in his ability to help others gain strength and confidence from joining together to make music and then go on to share it with everyone. What a gift he is.

  12. Trish, he has a gift and he puts it to good use, thank you for visiting.
    btw, your name is not live so we cannot get to your site.

  13. IF any body ever need to be recognized for his talent this should lead to it.
    All these get MBEs and OBEs for people who have gained monetary wealth this is one that should be be recognized for what he has given and achieved for the choirs around him.

  14. Tony thank you for visiting and your welcome back.

    I think that in the next round he will get an award, you could start a petition on 10 Downing Street web site for him, but i would say there’s one there already.

  15. TONY, people cannot visit your blog as your name is not live.

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