Adam and eve

type102LOL!!! a bit of humor to brighten your day!!
When God created
Adam and Eve, He said:
I only have two gifts:
One is the art of peeing standing …
And then Adam stepped forward and shouted:
ME!, ME!, ME!,
I would love it please … Lord, please, please!
Look, it will make my life substantially easier.
Eve nodded, and said those things did not matter to her. Then God gave Adam the gift and he began to shout for joy.
He ran through the garden of Eden and used it to wet all the trees and
bushes, ran down the beach making drawings with his pee in the sand …
Well, he would not stop showing off.
God and Eve watched the man crazy with happiness and Eve asked God:
What is the other gift? ‘
God answered:
Eve,….. a brain … and it is for you …!Share with those women who u want to give a smile ….. and open-minded men !!

23 responses to “Adam and eve

  1. ha ! I read this out loud to Jan and my daughter and we all laughed!

  2. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's New (to me) Authors Blog and commented:
    Here’s a joke for the Ladies (and open minded men)

  3. He…he…patience wins out again.

  4. Brilliant! lol 🙂

  5. Hilarious as always, Harry…Oh, and the joke was pretty funny too..
    bless you brother..

  6. i read it and i laugh !!!!!!!

  7. you should make the ending giving a period instead lol

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