Colonel Gaddafi is dead.

Dead at last

The dictator is dead, at last. He has caused so many deaths in his own country to his own people, and an untold number of people are missing.

Killing of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, who ruled for 42 years with an iron hand on Thursday in his hometown of Sirte at the hands of the National Council of the Libyan fighters who controlled the city after weeks of fierce fighting.

Sorry but i had to remove the video.

TV footage also showed Gaddafi’s corpse being dragged through a Libyan street.

The 69 year-old despot was shot in the head and both legs as he sped out of the coastal town of Sirte in a four-car convoy.

Opposition fighters said he died of his wounds shortly after the attack at dawn as the remnants of his loyalist inner-circle were overrun.

His bloodied corpse – eyes half-open, a bloodied mouth and blood on his head was displayed on live television and beamed all around the world yesterday.

Gaddafi had been hunted for two months since the fall of Tripoli on August 23 and his death brings a definitive end to the revolution which began with street protests in February and was supported by airstrikes by Britain and other Nato states.

This is the pipe where he was found.

He was also responsible for so many deaths here in Northern Ireland, by supplying weapons and explosives as well as money to the IRA, and letting the IRA train in Libya.  

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15 responses to “Colonel Gaddafi is dead.

  1. He had called the people who opposed him ‘rats’, and then they found him hiding in a sewer pipe. Poetic justice at its finest.

  2. ok hes dead but whos saying its all better now with the oil up for grabs and the US, France, et al have been drooling over for a while. greed. sad. sad even looking at this dead man’s face and all the photos they post over the net like it was some kind of pop art project. I’m not excited about that.

  3. I’m not sure it is the best thing to happen from a Libyan’s point of view given all the resources that are now up for grabs and the insatiable hunger of the West for it.

  4. He’s dead but I still feel it might have been better if he had stod trial. It’s a quibble but its been niggling me.

  5. I can’t deny violence in the world, but I try to insulate myself from it as much as possible. I wished I hadn’t seen the image of his bloody dead body–anyone’s bloody dead body. And I really don’t like to see people celebrating assassinations, no matter what a person did in his/her lifetime. Hatred begets hatred. I’m probably in the minority for feeling this way, but I’m used to being in the minority…

  6. These comments are representative of a sick world that glorifies murder and supports criminals like Obama, Clinton, Cameron and that little french shit Sarkozy. NATO is a slaughter machine and you idiots applaud it. No wonder the so called free west in financially and morally bankrupt.

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