Solar Superstorm

How would you manage without a mobile phone, satellite television, sat-nav, gps, land line phone and of coarse the internet.


Boffins have given a warning about a solar super-storm for Britain  but its not only Britain its the whole world that would be hit.

Britain must do more to prepare for a once-in-a-century “solar superstorm”, according to experts.


The Government is being urged by the Royal Academy of Engineering to set up a UK Space Weather Board to help cope with a massive radiation blast from the Sun.

Such an explosion could trigger black-outs, knock out one in 10 satellites, and disrupt aircraft and GPS systems.

Statistically a solar super-storm is likely to occur every 100 to 200 years.


This could result in being without mobile and land-line phones, satellite television stations, GPS, satellites in orbit with sensitive microchips will be in the path of the particles from a solar super-storm.

the Earth has not experienced a superstorm since the start of the space age.

The last true super-storm, known as the “Carrington event” occurred in 1859.

Read the carrington-event—the-1859–carrington-event—123023809.html

Photos from Yahoo News.

21 responses to “Solar Superstorm

  1. I think I would manage perfectly well, just like I always did. I had something else to say, but I’m afraid the Alz’s kicked in as usual.

    • I would also manage i only use the web for my sites.

      That sounds bad you can’t remember things 😦

      • I thought it was par for the course once you passed 40! Let alone 50 or 60.

        I was probably going to say that when we are in Spain, we have no TV, no landline, we don’t have satnav anyway, no internet. We do have the GPS for the rare occasion we go geocaching, and we have mobiles – which I use for emails. But we could live without the last two.

      • When i’m on holidays i do not go near any equipment of any sort, get a complete break.

  2. Its easy to say I would manage fine. i would have to manage but it wouldnt be fine because the internet has become a lifeline for me. Oh well, nothing I can do about it!

  3. Makes me mad just thinking about the cost of communication. Would we still have a postal service?

  4. some people will just about die i fear when it happens

  5. If this is something I can use as an excuse not to go to work then I’m sure I can muddle through. 🙂

  6. Doomed we’ll be. Doomed.

  7. So, what we humans do to protect ourselves from the impending doom? I’m serious.

  8. ooops. what do we humans do…..

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