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Global warming.

The sceptics say there is no such thing, they say there is no proof.

They say that the glaciers are not melting, sea levels are not raising , and  just dispel all the proof as nonsense, and that green house gases are not harming the earth or us.

Countries like America, Canada, China, India who are the biggest consumers of fuels do not believe in it and are doing nothing about, ok, they tinker around the edges a bit.

How long do they think the fuels are going to last, another 50 or 100 years at the most. What doe’s mankind do then.

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Poem: leaves.

Leaves are our life blood.

They keep us alive.

Filtering the air,

that we all have to breathe.

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I Sent You An Angel.









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Compulsory dog microchipping

All dogs in Northern Ireland will have to be micro-chipped from the 1st April.

Northern Ireland is the first part of the UK to bring in a law like this. The governments in Westminster and Cardiff are watching – they are considering doing the same.

This is to stop stray dogs roaming the streets, it seams that people cannot afford to keep a dog now so they drive for miles let the dog out and we have another stray. They are picked up, if there is no micro-chip found they are put into kennels.

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Paper Art Creations.

IT’S JUST Paper.

There is nothing simple about this paper art, he carves, rips and cuts to make his creations. They are all of wildlife which must be very hard to get the detail right on all of the different animals.

It is hard to believe it is only paper.

ARTIST Calvin Nicholls  is from Canada.

Calvin Nicholls

Both links ( name ) above will take you to his site.

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