Are there aliens out there

With a hundred billion galaxies each with potentially a hundred billion stars there is no reason that life cannot exist outside our galaxy.

Milky Way

Milky Way

Photo from

Why should mankind think that our planet holds the only life form that exists in the entire universe, that we are unique. I think there are aliens out there somewhere and they will find their way to earth what they do when they get here is the bit i would be worried about ( not that i will see it .)

Stephen Hawking

But with probes being sent out from earth and radio waves also being sent they will kept going for ever and we might get visitors of the type that we do not want. Ones who would enslave us or totally wipe us out.

Area 51

Theorists will readily tell you that the U.S. military is hiding alien corpses in the secret facility at area 51 the Nevada desert.

area 51

area 51

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Being from a far of galaxy they may look like no being or  animal we could even think of.

There are drawings of what is thought to be space ships and beings on cave walls and in historical records.

These images of two crusaders date from a 12th century manuscript ” Annales Laurissenses” (volumes/books about historical and religion events)and refer to a UFO sighting in the year 776, during the siege on Sigiburg castle, France. The Saxons besieged and surrounded the French people. They both were fighting when suddenly a group of discs (flaming shields) appeared hovering over the top of the church. It appeared to the Saxons that the French were protected by these objects and the Saxons fled.


17 responses to “Are there aliens out there

  1. Thought provoking!

    I think I will have a cup of tea!! Lol

  2. Help!!!

    Yes I am Harry. Just been through a difficult couple of weeks. I will be there soon 🙂

    I have a fun poem blog so will put on Poets Corner too, maybe in a day or two.


  3. The statistical probability of life other than ours in this vast universe is 100 %

  4. Interesting, Harry and definately food for thought. Regarding the Crusade images; I wonder if they could be similar to the image of Halley’s Comet on the Bayeaux Tapestry. The Istimirant Stella? What do you think?

  5. I don’t believe there are aliens out there. I have no special knowledge or experience to back that up, that just what I believe. But, if they ever show up, I’ll be the first to run like hell!!

  6. Jesus said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions…” I have a funny feeling we’re just one of many.

  7. Personally I’d be very surprised if we were alone. But at the same time, life has existed on this planet for about 3.8 billion years. It was not much more than simple cells for about 2.2 billion of those years. ‘Intelligent’ life has only been around about 200,000 years. Which seems to suggest that life can plod along quite happily without any rush to reach intelligence. So perhaps the Universe is teeming with life, but just not the sort that builds spaceships, or even wonders about space all that much.

  8. It’s the human conceit.

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