Comet ISON approaches Earth.

type102Later this week ( Thursday 28th ) the biggest comet to come near to earth will give everyone a great show. This is the first time it has been to our solar system and may never return to be seen again.The comet is the only object known to man that has traveled so far towards earth and the sun.Yahoo News



Its core is 500 miles across and the tail could stretch for between 100 and 150 miles before disappearing, it was discovered back September 2012.

Unlike other comets,  this time, the comet may become bright enough to glimpse just by holding up a hand to block the sun’s glare.

It is set to skim just 730,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) above the surface of the sun on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28).  The comet has brightened considerably as it has zoomed closer and closer to the sun in recent weeks.


Live countdown clock here and source of photo

Before beginning its long fall toward the sun, the comet resided in the Oort comet cloud, a vast shell of perhaps a trillion icy bodies that extends from the outer reaches of the planetary system to about a third of the distance to the star nearest the sun.

Following ISON’s encounter with the sun, the comet will depart the sun and move toward Earth, appearing in evening twilight through December. The comet will swing past Earth on Dec. 26, approaching within 39.9 million miles (64.2 million km) or about 167 times farther than the moon.

I hope everyone gets a good clear sky so that you can see it.


22 responses to “Comet ISON approaches Earth.

  1. Great post, Thank you.

  2. One reason i’m no that homesick Harry – weather in autumn & winter in north of France just like Norn Irn. Any great celestial display & see damn little as usually cloudy at night. Here in the north wind is obligatory too – aye both sorts – it’s the diet & micro climate. Country flat as pancake, & nowt tae stop the wind but slag heaps from old coal mines. Incidently did you ever think slag heaps & coal pits would be an UNESCO World heritage Site?! Locals don’t waste their money jettin off to ski slopes, but skite down the slag heaps on coupla boards, if havnae skis. One thing do miss bout aul sod is clear skies when used til take the caravan to the forest parks or back of beyond & watchin the stars. Hope you get clear skies & little light pollution for the show Harry. I’m slowly pickin up on the French, but very slowly, & doin better at the dialect Ch’ti (careful now! – can find the beer in most supermarkets by way) & got most of local yokels sayin “shut yer bucket muppet”. Well i’m helpin their English lessons a bit. Hope the Belfast lights & markets good this year, & you’ve good craic Harry. Got a wee dug last week & got her barkin in Ulster/Scots too. No – the meds dinnae work! All the hairy chest.

  3. Looking forward to it Harry!

  4. Amazing stuff! Will have to look for it. Great information.

  5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a “heavenly” show for Christmas Harry! 😀

  6. I hope we both catch a glimpse of this wonder, Harry. I remember the beautiful Hale-Bopp in 1997 and how clear and bright he was. But……do you believe that comets are harbingers of DOOOOOOOM? 🙂

  7. On the news just now it looks like it has melted from the heat from the sun, sad.

  8. False alarm, it looks like its still heading our way 🙂

  9. Would have been great…if it hadn’t been cloudy :-/

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