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Earth Has 92 Elements

92 Elements in the Earth’s Crust

The earth contains 92 elements, these elements can be found in all planets and stars through-out the entire universe but in smaller quantities.  Mars is a very heavy planet and contains more iron than any other and that is one of the reasons it’s red. There are other planets that have a core but are gas giants or solid ice planets. Every planet or body contains some of the 92 elements, but so far only earth contains all 92.

Information from Window to the Universe.

Even though there are 92 elements that are naturally found, only eight of them are common in the rocks that make up the Earth’s outer layer, the crust. Together, these 8 elements make up more than 98% of the crust.

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Poem : A life ebbing away

Looking up at the midnight sky.
I noticed a meteor flashing by.
Travelling so fast on its way.
To the outer planets far away.

Its seen places no man will see.
Been to many unknown galaxies.
In one of these far of places.
Has it been seen by another being.

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