Creation verses Evolution .



It is said that, creation and the making of Adam and Eve happened at the same time.

The date when Adam and Eve were made happened at 4004 BC which was the year worked out by scholar’s Archbishop Ussher, Rabbi Yossi also worked a date but Rabbi Yossi makes the date 3760BC.

These dates have been worked out be studying the Bible and using genealogy which i’m sure took many years.

More at Bible mysteries

More at A better hope.

No matter which date it is, because there’s only 240 years in it, is it right that man never set foot on earth until Adam and Eve were made.


Humans were on earth long before the dates above, all beit in a more primitive form until evolution kicked in.

More at National Geographic

Homo Erectus is the closest being that you could call human and the first to make crude tools and axes.

The first body found was carbon tested and dated back to 1.6 million years BC. there were bodies dated long before this as far back as 4 million BC but they did not look human, so through evolution they evolved into humans.

Homo Erectus lived in, Northern, Eastern, and Southern Africa; Western Asia (Dmanisi, Republic of Georgia); East Asia (China and Indonesia)
When Lived: Between about 1.89 million and 143,000 years ago

16 responses to “Creation verses Evolution .

  1. Yey Harry, firstly like to say i have bookmarked your links with interest.. and I can see how this could cause an arguable point with very religious people. and would love to hear the varying arguments. for each party. I must admit I have thought this point and brought it up with at the time my local vicar,long time ago now,, I cannot remember his words, but I do remember thinking it was a feasible point.. keep ’em coming Harry.. 😉

    • I have also spoke to several religious people on this and they could not give me a straight answer to my question, and i mean a straight answer.

      Tried to twist me up in religious garcon which did not work.

      I to am waiting for the comments, but i don’t think i will get many 🙂

      Next one is about our prisons and then the states 🙂

  2. Why does that not surprise me on these arguments… Cannot wait for your next ones Harry,, thanks for your support,,, 😉

  3. Maybe soon,, with all my comments etc it has encouraged me a little.. thanks. 😉

  4. There is confusion over what is evolution, and what is not. If we are referring to only “micro” changes within a specific life form and call that evolution, no one disagrees, be they evolutionist, creationist, or ID proponent.

    If “macro” evolution (one clearly defined life form changing into a completely different life form) is intended, that is where the trouble begins.

    Proponents of “macro” evolution insist that it takes too long to happen, thus cannot be observed in one person’s lifetime. But if it has been going on for 600 million years, we should be able to observe life forms in transition all around us from what they always have been. None can be seen. That is one way of falsifying “macro” evolution. No clear transitional fossils have been found proving “macro” evolution happened in the past either, although attempts are being made on a regular basis.

    Using radioactive dating methods are not reliable. They first decide how old they want the specimen to be, then pick out a dating method that will give them a date that old. They will never use Carbon-14 on a specimen they believe to be 500 million years old, because the oldest date it would give would be between 50-100,000 years old. These are selective dating methods intended to produce a desired result.

    “Macro” evolution is a naturalistic philosophical worldview, nothing else, and is only one way to interpret the evidence. Let’s get back to real science.

  5. Arville thanks for your comment.

    Evolution albeit micro or macro started when the first life form moved.

    Over millions of years they changed into all types of micro creatures in the oceans, millions of years later into fish and then mammals.

    And as you know, they moved on to land, into trees and underground.

    Creatures / animals have a greater changed to evolve if they are isolated from the crowd/masses.

    Early animals were not as tightly regulated as modern animals, and therefore had more freedom to change.

    One monkey group has split into ten sub-groups because the are from different countries or have never mixed

    Take evolution in trees, plants, flowers, food products, there are so many types of each but this happened because they all started
    in their country of origin and later blown on the wind or moved by water or man.

    With man, over millions of years a little progression up the ladder towards walking upright, learning, learning skills brought us to where we are to-day.

    Its is inconceivable that earth was barren and over a sort time period the animals, plant life and man appeared.

  6. Steven L. Campbell

    Just when I thought I had my mind made up, I turned on TV to an episode about ancient aliens. The program posed some interesting questions and I haven’t been able to figure out why us humans are so hairless compared to other creatures. Why did we evolve (if we did evolve) to wear the hair of animals to stay warm? It’s like we are the misfits among the rest of this planet’s creatures.

  7. Man ( warm blooded ) has the means to keep warm were animals do not. Its said human life started in Africa and being warm hair was not needed.

    I watched a few programmes all about humans were planted on earth by aliens, there are drawings in caves etc from long ago which show space ships.

  8. Great post Harry, and all very interesting stuff! 😊

  9. Sorry for the pedantry but I have to call you out (in a friendly way) on your use of the word “primitive”. That’s being speiciest! The early humans were just as evolved as us. They were just adapted to a different environment. After all, if they weren’t good at surviving in that environment, we wouldn’t exist! 🙂

  10. I had to look that big word up Lance 🙂 the meaning is as follows.
    the character, qualities, practices, etc., of a pedant, especially undue display of learning.
    slavish attention to rules, details, etc.

    ME, ME 🙂 i think if one word can do instead of six that saves me typing 🙂

    Anyway, when is said primitive i meant they were still trying to walk upright and behaved like apes/monkeys, i would say they were not human until Homo Erectus who walked upright and made basic tools etc.

  11. Thanks for this interesting post on evolution. Given that the genetic make-up of humans and monkeys is almost identical there appears to be a great deal of evidence in favour of evolution (I.E. that man descended from apes). That does not, necessarily imply that god does not exist as he may have created the circumstances which enabled evolution to take place. I have visited the home of Charles Darwin and would certainly recommend visiting their.

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