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WARNING of Disasters to come.

Earth in this past few years has been hit by more and bigger disasters, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc, etc.


In my childhood i can remember playing outside all summer long from early morning until it was dark. In my youth it was the same, playing football and other games. But the winters were very bad, snow, frost etc, but things have changed for the worst.

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asteroid nearing earth

Some day earth will be hit by an asteroid, meteor or comet, Scientists of all class’s are looking to the sky’s for these objects 24 hours a day. Many pass by quite close all the time but their orbit keeps them away from hitting earth.

There is an asteroid called “Apophis” giving concern it will pass in 2013, 2029 and 2036. 2013 will be fine, but observations and tracking will take place and the governments will have to decide what to do in 2029, as 2036 could be the bad result.

The earths orbit is the outer white ring the asteroids orbit is the blue ring.

The asteroid’s risk has now been categorized as a 4 on the Torino Scale. The level 4 rating never before issued is reserved for “events meriting concern.

When it does pass close on April 13 2029, the Earth will deflect it and change its orbit. There’s a small possibility that if it passes through a particular point in space, the so-called keyhole, the Earth’s gravity will change things so that when it comes back around again in 2036, it will collide with us. The chance of Apophis passing through the keyhole, a 600-metre patch of space, is 1 in 5,500 based on current information.

If, at that stage, they cannot rule out an impact with Earth in 2036, the next chance to make better observations will not be until 2013.

Nasa has argued that a final decision on what to do about Apophis will have to be made at that stage.

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