Earth Has 92 Elements

92 Elements in the Earth’s Crust

The earth contains 92 elements, these elements can be found in all planets and stars through-out the entire universe but in smaller quantities.  Mars is a very heavy planet and contains more iron than any other and that is one of the reasons it’s red. There are other planets that have a core but are gas giants or solid ice planets. Every planet or body contains some of the 92 elements, but so far only earth contains all 92.

Information from Window to the Universe.

Even though there are 92 elements that are naturally found, only eight of them are common in the rocks that make up the Earth’s outer layer, the crust. Together, these 8 elements make up more than 98% of the crust.

This chart is called the Periodic Table of the elements. It is used by chemists to organize the different elements by grouping together elements with similar chemical properties.

The 8 most common elements in Earth’s crust (by mass):
46.6% Oxygen (O)
27.7% Silicon (Si)
8.1% Aluminum (Al)
5.0% Iron (Fe)
3.6% Calcium (Ca)
2.8% Sodium (Na)
2.6% Potassium (K)
2.1% Magnesium (Mg)

Also see here 92 elements.

Our world is put together with only 92 elements and these elements are put together by only three basic things: (1) electrons, (2) protons, and (3) neutrons. More than half of these elements are extremely scarce and therefore do not concern us very much.

Not only this world, but the 100 billion galaxies in our universe, are all made of just three things: electrons, protons, and neutrons.

If the element oxygen were to suddenly vanish from the earth, and all of the other 91 elements remained, every living thing in the world would die. There would be no air to breathe, no water to drink. The earth would be an airless, waterless hulk of matter orbiting the sun as a dead planet like the moon that orbits the earth. Our world is very critically balanced, and meticulously fine tuned.

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  1. Thank you for that lesson.
    Now I can go to bed and worry about just how fine tuned the balance is!!!!

  2. And God does the balancing 🙂

  3. AgrippingLife

    It’s beyond amazing. It has God’s finger prints all over it : )

  4. Well, lets talk a out string and Quantum Theory and the theory of Relativity. On second thoughts, let’s not. Lol. Very interesting post, Harry. Thank you. 😀

  5. PIP, I thought that was the reason, i’m very sorry to hear that. Is there nothing can be done to help your condition 😆

  6. I should have paid more attention in school.

  7. The place we live is perfect. I love it.

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