Global warming.

The sceptics say there is no such thing, they say there is no proof.

They say that the glaciers are not melting, sea levels are not raising , and  just dispel all the proof as nonsense, and that green house gases are not harming the earth or us.

Countries like America, Canada, China, India who are the biggest consumers of fuels do not believe in it and are doing nothing about, ok, they tinker around the edges a bit.

How long do they think the fuels are going to last, another 50 or 100 years at the most. What doe’s mankind do then.

Only one or two countries are investing in solar, wind and sea power these are the things of the future and will be the only means of power in the future, other than nuclear power.

The weather in every country is getting worse. In Briton this year on the 26th June, a county in one day had over 1,000 lightning strikes. On the same day there were two landslides, one tornado, hail stones, violent storms, flash floods, torrential rain and it was the wettest June since records began. This is not normal weather patterns for the summer.

Going back to when i was young, a summer was summer, you could depend on the weather being hot and dry and during winter you would get frost and snow.

It’s not only Briton, every country is being increasingly hit with violent storms, floods, tornado’s,  landslides  etc. And what do the sceptics say, “this is normal.”

If this is normal, i would not like to see what the weather will be like in the year 2100.

What do you think about the weather in your country, is it getting worse or staying normal as it was 40 or 50 years ago.


Just look at the weather in America on Friday / Saturday, 12 dead, nearly three million without electricity and untold damage, that was not normal weather.

24 responses to “Global warming.

  1. We got a taste of that weekend weather where I live too DP. I was fortunate in that I lost my power for only a moment, but many in the area are still without it as I write. And my apartment complex has downed tree branches and rain gutters all over the place.

    As for the skeptics saying “this is normal,” I’m thinking the “fine print” should say “yeah, normal for a planet convulsing from centuries of human abuse!”

  2. Maybe the sceptics don’t think anything is abnormal, but for the future of the planet can we really afford to be that lackadaisical?

  3. There may be some in America who don’t believe, but I think many do. The younger people are most likely to understand it. Hopefully, there will be some changes soon. I think it is too late for things to go back to normal. But many folks will not believe that they need to make major changes to their way of life until they personally are affected by it.

  4. I personally have a different take. I think the larger damage done by overconsumption is not to the planet, but more to the human heart. It’s killing us in a more direct way.

  5. Chatter Master

    I believe! We have tried to be very conscientious of what we use, and what we should be recycling. We were hit by horrible storms and are part of the 3 million without power. It is a serious situation. Though I agree government and big business needs to pay attention and make changes, I think we all have personal responsibility to do what we can to save, and make changes. Great post Harry. We all need to be aware of what we are doing to our grandchildren’s world.

    • Recycling could cut 50% of some materials used, i recycle everything possible, in Northern Ireland the recycling % has gone up 40 % in two years an growing.

      • Chatter Master

        That is fantastic Harry. It seems like more and more recycle. Yet not nearly enough. It’s so easy to do! I keep thinking about what we are leaving or destroying for the kids.

  6. When people around me poo-poo the “notion” of global warming by pointing out cool weather (UGH), I often correct them by using the term “global climate change.” They stop listening to the science and the evidence, but it’s hard to argue with “climate change.” 😐

  7. souldipper thank you for visiting, we had the heating on to-day, July, I can’t believe it.
    Please call again.

  8. While I do believe that some of what is happening is just a natural progression in the Earth’s cycle I can’t help but shake my head at the naysayers who deny that we the people have had a detrimental effect on the planet…makes me a little crazy. Two days ago we had the mother of storms in my little town…could have surfed down the driveway

    • You must remember ( way back ) to when you were young, is the weather worse now.

      • Remember Harry I grew up in Australia which is a land of extremes and always has been. When I look at what is happening around the globe…yes …things are changing. And for the worse. Have you ever watched Al Gore’s movie on climate change…fascinating and scary.

  9. I did and it was good, but the Americans rubbished it and him.

  10. Loved this post! The weather is getting much worse. I remember as a child (I am 34) the weather was normal. We have so much wind where I live now, it is crazy. I never remember having winds this high or so hard as a child. However, there is a dilemma. I do not think it will be able to be reversed or “fixed.” In the future I think the weather will probably end up killing all of mankind. I know its a gloomy prediction, but I just think mankind will all die from some sort of weather related catastrophy. It will get so hot that mankind will not be able to live on the earth.

    That is my gloomy prediction. It was never this hot when I was a child here or so windy, or icy in the winter, or so much rain. Not that rain is a bad thing. I would rather have rain than a drought, that’s for sure.

    Great post! It has got the wheels of my tiny brain turning. 🙂 Thanks.

    • You can see all over Africa etc, the humans are dying because of the weather and it will spread, your prediction could be right.

      • Well, I just feel like we are all going to die from a nuclear war or China will take over this country since we owe them so much money that it’s nuts. I don’t understand why we would borrow so much from a country with such a horrible human rights record. China or North Korea will probably send nuclear bombs and then we will send some over there and we all will perish.

        Aren’t you glad I am so positive. LoL, ha ha ha Guess, I am just a realist. 🙂 Oh well, nothing we can do about it, so might as well enjoy life as everyday is the last, and love just deeply love. That is a real life. A life with a ton of love. 🙂

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