Hello from AUNTY ACID !!!!


The life of Aunty Acid.



25 responses to “Hello from AUNTY ACID !!!!

  1. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  2. A little humour in this dismal world of ours.. nice one Harry..;)

  3. I haven’t met Aunty Acid before. Funny lady!

  4. These are so hilarious, Harry–I LOVE the one about earrings!! (By the way, I’m Bennetta–new blog opened today.)

  5. auntyacid is an anti-oxidant to the readers.humourous idea!

  6. I hadn’t seen this character either…and what a character she is! Thanks for introducing us, Harry!

  7. hilarious ! Loved it all!

  8. These are just hilarious Harry. Though I’ve never seen her before, Aunty Acid is every bit as funny as Maxine! 😀

  9. Not one that I can’t agree with!!!!!!! lol!

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