America’s Navy yard shooting.


Another mass shooting in America, 13 dead, will these deaths help the cause to ban guns etc, NO, they will make no difference. Things will carry on as they are with hundreds of deaths every year 90% of them innocent people.

Heavily armed former US Navy reservist Aaron Alexis walked on to the base and into the US Navy Sea Systems Command headquarters, killing 12 people. Why was he or his bags not searched, how did he just walk into work heavily armed, into the command headquarters.



Aaron Alexis, 34.

The news now is that the killer was arrested before for a gun related incident, so the question is why had he a gun, did no-one know he had it.

More. Yahoo news.

More. Yahoo news.

He also had mental problems, he heard voices in his head, why was he not locked up in hospital for his own safety. Did he buy the gun, if so the seller should be arrested, did someone give it to him, if so he should be arrested.

From outside looking in, in seems the gun lobby ( N.R.A. ) controls the Senate and congress the President can do nothing, he has no power to make big changes. Is it not time for the people to stand up and make things change, or has the N.R.A. brainwashed them into their way of thinking.

6 responses to “America’s Navy yard shooting.

  1. You’ve pegged it just about right Harry. As the great one said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

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