God bless little old ladies.

It happened in a Metro station in Montreal………..
There were protesters on the concourse handing out pamphlets on
the evils of Canada.
I politely declined to take one.
An elderly woman was behind me getting off the escalator and a young
female protester offered her a pamphlet, which she politely
The young protester put her hand on the woman’s
shoulder as a gesture of friendship and in a very soft voice said,
‘Lady, don’t you care about the children of Iraq?’
The elderly woman looked up at her and said,
‘Honey, my father died during World War I,
I lost my husband in World War II,
I lost a son in Korea,
and a grandson in Afghanistan.
All fought and died so you could have the freedom to stand here and bad
mouth our country.
If you put your hand on me again, I’m gonna shove this
umbrella up your ass and open it.’
God Bless Little old Ladies!!!

12 responses to “God bless little old ladies.

  1. Haha, bless ’em! The children are unfortunate casualties of war so I know where the woman is coming from but the old lady has a good point.

  2. I wonder if I’ll ever get to an age when I’ll say exactly what’s on my mind…;)

  3. unfortunately we no longer have the right to protest in Montreal unless you provide a planned route and it is approved by the government…since this law has been inacted every protest has been declared illegal and riot police decend on peacefull protesters…another example is the annual march against police brutality…been going on 17 years but this year they arrested people in advance of the protest…I am quite sure these are not the freedoms those who died in conflict fought for…I did really enjoy the little story and the humor of it…I know many people I could see and have heard say similar things…especially during the recent student protests last year…

  4. lol. i didnt see that coming. But its true, people are only to ready to bad mouth their own country. They forget that people hve sacrificed their lives so that they could protest with impunity. people do it in this country (UK) all the time and it makes me very angry. I love my country despite its faults.

  5. Good one Harry. Leave it to a grandmother to put things in proper perspective! 😆

  6. Isn’t it bad luck to open an umbrella in doors!? (If that would that constitute indoors?) But on a more serious note, that’s an excellent come back! Fair play to her.

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