The beach walker – unbelievable!

Unbelievable invention and there are more you can watch if you wish.
Just imagine the creativity in this man to get this to work.

It is well worth watching the video to the end.

29 responses to “The beach walker – unbelievable!

  1. That’s rad! I want to go see them in real life!

  2. wow that is great 🙂 I wonder what the puppy was thinking.

  3. That takes lots of creativity, he must not have had much sleep in 20 years!

  4. Those are incredible! I like that he mentioned the “creator” and felt that he understood in a very small way how difficult it would be to make an actual living thing. I like his inventive spirit!

    By the way Lily said they were “Rad” which is just an expression – it means, radical! haha!

  5. AGL they are all great inventions.

    Young people like Lily speak in forked tongue 😆

  6. I did a post on him a while ago as i was just as fascinated as you were Harry.
    It all has to do with what he calls Holy Numbers and his dream is that they will continue past his death, able to scuttle around the beach without any assistance.

  7. Wow,such a creative mind…very fascinating stuff 🙂

  8. Dandelion Head

    Beautiful. I wish there were a zoo of artificial beasts like these. I pay to see them.

  9. Thanks! That is pretty amazing to see.

  10. Chatter Master

    WOW! That was incredible! I loved hearing them when they were walking too. To be that smart…. if only!

  11. Master, He must be a smart inventor.

  12. I remember watching this on the telly. Fantastic.

  13. Way Cool Stuff!!!
    Now for the Bad news…or depending on how one sees it I suppose.
    Solar Storm Tomorrow:…/sunrise-may-turn-out-the-lights…

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