Pensioners problems: poem.

Copy of untitled+1 copy

I’m growing older fast
retirement is good

some people don’t like it
but all i can say is:

My golden years
are here at last

I need glasses to see
and its very slow to pee

Its dificult to chew
even harder to screw

My memory shrinks
And my hearing stinks

No teeth in my gum
but piles in my bum

Hair no longer grows on my head
But out my ears and nose instead

Lost my sense of smell
and i’m looking like hell

Hair starting to wane
legs full of pain

Body’s starting to droop
I have trouble with poop

My golden years
are here at last

So my golden years
can kiss my ass


Posted in my poetry site Poets Corner


13 responses to “Pensioners problems: poem.

  1. Reblogged this on yasniger and commented:
    Gets you thinking about the inevitable

  2. And you have more hair growing out of your nose than you do on your head

  3. Thanks PIP i’ll add that 🙂

  4. Love it Harry 😀 I may not have gotten to “retirement age” but my head and body have LOL. I relate so well 😉

  5. Fabulous – unfortunately, on some of these – I know exactly what you mean!!!!

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