America’s fiscal cliff.

I’m amazed at the size of America’s debt, but what’s more worrying is that the Republicans don’t seem to want to know about it or fix it. They are only interested in helping businesses and the rich.


For over a year now they have been talking about fixing the debt and the deadline has now passed and its still not fixed. Its not the Presidents fault as he has done all he can for the minute, it seems the politicians think it will go away, fix it’s self.

The mint just keeps printing dollars and putting out into the economy to keep the country afloat , that is no way to run one of the biggest economies in the world, it creates inflation making the debt worse .

Visit the U.S debt clock

The US national debt counter

House of Representatives  are supposed to be for the people and be responsible for running America and to make sure the right laws are going forward. All they have done is continually block the Presidents policy on everything he has tried.

Party politics come first big business second and the ordinary people on the street do not get a look in. Its about time people started to vote for third party members to try and get things to change.

This matter is going to run and run until they cause a crash and they will all hold their hands up and say ” but it was not us. ”  It seems they cannot run the country unless they bring their party politics into it and that is wrong, they should run it for the peoples good.


19 responses to “America’s fiscal cliff.

  1. They certainly shouldn’t be running the world or telling the rest of the world how run themselves.

  2. Are you trying to depress us Americans more than we are already depressed by reminding us what a bunch of dingbats we have elected?!?!?!?!?

    • No more than you must be depressed already 🙂

      Lots of countries have dingbats dressed as politicians who’s job it is to mess the country up.

  3. A gripping life

    When you and your wife are in debt do you go out on a spending spree? I’m guessing you don’t. That’s the difference between the democrats and republicans. The Democrats want to spend more money we don’t have for entitlements, keeping people dependent, and the Republicans want to stop spending. I’m afraid you’ve got this dead wrong. it’s the Republicans that want fiscal responsibility not the democrats. The media is liberal so they report that the Republicans want to help the Rich – that’s abunch of hog wash. Even if you took all the money away from the rich it wouldn’t put a dent in our debt. WE HAVE TO STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON’T HAVE. The democrats are destroying our economy.

    • We have not had any debt for over 30 years, anything we buy its with cash.
      I have never had a credit card, cheque book or bank card.
      I know your a stance republican 🙂 but news channels and papers can only report the facts, and what is going on.

  4. My kids went to school in England for many years. I go over all the time. We don’t have an epidemic of girls that are minors getting pregnant and living off the government. I think you call them Chavs? We don’t have them. We don’t have people falling down drunk in the middle of the day, everyday, all year long – you would never see this in America. We don’t have pollution and trash on the streets like like you do – in fact, those who visit us from the UK always remark how much cleaner it is over here. We don’t have epidemic depression and hopelessness which is likely why everyone over there is getting drunk and taking drugs. We can actually make our lives better over here – we’re not stuck in a class system.
    I love my country, Harry. I’m proud of my history and heritage. No, I can’t stand the current administration because they are spending our children’s future and killing our democracy. They are creating a nanny state – like Greece. We need fiscally conservative leaders to step in and clean up our economy. Our media is left wing and reports only what jibes with the left agenda. Our education system is awful and needs an over-haul as they are graduating kids that don’t have a clue about government and how it works. They just have their hands out.
    Your media is ridiculous, too. Remember the story you reported incorrectly about Benghazi and our Ambassador getting killed? The media was reporting that it was due to a video? Within days it was very clear that this was bunk – that it was a 9/11 terrorist attack. Now the people who spread the original story are being called in to court for questioning. Still, the rest of the world sits by and accepts everything that’s put out there. Don’t believe everything you hear and read Harry. I know you want to think that America is a terrible place, you’ve made that clear. I think you should come for a visit and see how awful it is. I know many people from England, my brother in law included, he’s from Cornwall, and Scotland who have moved over here to get away from the depressing life provided over there. They would never go back in a million years and can’t understand why everyone doesn’t leave. So there you have it. I just thought I’d add a little balance to the picture.

  5. I live in Northern Ireland were we do not have the problem of chavs or people falling down drunk in the middle of the day, everyday, all year long.
    But i think its the media reporting on one or two and its blown up as if its hundreds. I have not been to England for over forty years and have no wish to go, but the television pictures i see there is no pollution and trash on the streets.
    I know here the streets etc are very clean every where you drive.

    America, Briton, France, Portugal, Greece, Iceland all inherited their debts from the previous lot, and it has got worse and could take twenty years or more to clear the debt.

    Everyone thinks their country is the greatest / the best and fail to see where things are going wrong and who is not fixing them.

    America and Briton have been neglected for years and both need trillions spent on them, who’s going to have the guts to do it’ certainly not the politicians.

    England i would never live there, to much crime and to many foreigners, its being taken over by Muslims and their kind and the gov; will not stop them.

  6. By the way, i’m enjoying the debate 🙂

  7. Republicans——–> GOP——> Guns Over People, One Country Under Guns

  8. have to disagree with you there Harry. You can’t keep spending more than you make. The big thing Republicans want is to ensure that cuts are made, then new spending is backed by revenue.

    I once worked closely with a rich older man when I was a consultant. He had a Jaguar, a Rolls and was retired. He started a small order fulfillment business that employed about a dozen people.

    He once told me, I don’t know why they tax me so heavily. I’m trying to create jobs and they punish it. They want the money to go to the poor, but the poor don’t create jobs.

    • But if he was making lots of money Bill he should pay his tax and it should be higher than the ordinary person.

      • depends on how you view taxes. Taxes often act as incentives, extinguish on behavior, encourage another.

        When taxes work against entrepreneurs it has a negative impact on jobs as well.

        My opinion is a flat tax would be fairest.

  9. Bill, why should i work and get little pay with flat tax and a millionaire make millions and pay a flat tax, it seems unfair.

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