Classic British Cars.

I photographed these classic cars on a day out to Crawfordsburn  Country Park, it was a beautiful day when we had our summer way back during April.

Classic car day out.

30 responses to “Classic British Cars.

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I’ll have the TR6 okay ? LOls…

  2. I once owned triumph herald and ford anglia. make me feel classic..old.. nice memory jerker. 😉

  3. I love the white Roll Royce, but let’s be honest, I’d take any of ’em! haha!

  4. Those are all really nice and classic! Nice pictures!

  5. Oh my goodness,these are all gorgeous! My dad has A Morris ISIS, in pretty good condition too. He’d love to see these 😀

  6. I drove an MGB/GT for years–loved it to death.

  7. Harry these are fab. I know not why but I love these Classic Car events. My husband has an old NG and we just got her going – he’s a joy and we are very lucky to have him. Racing green and he’s called Alexander (after my husband’s pal who helped him to restore it). Thanks for this will direct my husband to your post – he’ll enjoy this.

  8. Harry, my brother owns a 73 Midget Convertible. I love it!! I take it out on sunny days all the time. Super fun!!! Love your photos, I epsecially think the license plates are pretty cool 🙂

  9. I will make a post about all the old cars i have owned and driven.

  10. What a wonderful collection of cars!

  11. Nice post. Enjoyed looking at those, I’ll take that last Rover thanks.

    I did a similar one at the beginning of March on a Spanish meet, totally different.

  12. Wonderful craftsmanship…..sadly very little remains in our world.

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  14. Nice… Love Old Cars


  15. This brings back memories of going to classic car rallies with my brother. He used to have a 1933 Austin 12/6 saloon. (I think that’s right) It was a beauty.

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