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Bubble Car photos

These are some of the weird and wonderful cars that could be seen in Briton and at one time they were very popular. They all had motorbike engines to keep the tax and insurance low.

Two or single seater, rear wheel drive, four gears.


The Peel made in the Isle Of Man, only 45 were ever made.

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Cars I have had in my life

I started to drive at the age of 18 way back in 1963 and i have had quite a few cars, so i thought i would tell you about them and let you see the photos.

Ford Anglia

Photo from Yahoo photos.

The fist one was a Ford Anglia which i had for about six months, it had faulty steering, rusting body work, the rain came in, the locks did not work, it ended up as a stock car.

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Classic British Cars.

I photographed these classic cars on a day out to Crawfordsburn  Country Park, it was a beautiful day when we had our summer way back during April.

Classic car day out.

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£5.00 a gallon for petrol.

What £5.00 a Gallon Brings To Your Driveway. The Smart Car is what we will be forced to drive quite soon.

But look at all of the ‘great new choices, that we will have from evolving from ‘The SMART Car’.

The cars below are in the design stage and coming to you soon.

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Compulsory dog microchipping

All dogs in Northern Ireland will have to be micro-chipped from the 1st April.

Northern Ireland is the first part of the UK to bring in a law like this. The governments in Westminster and Cardiff are watching – they are considering doing the same.

This is to stop stray dogs roaming the streets, it seams that people cannot afford to keep a dog now so they drive for miles let the dog out and we have another stray. They are picked up, if there is no micro-chip found they are put into kennels.

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