pizza delivery

Ring-ring, ring-ring, ring bloody ring.

Hello, tip-top pizzas here.
Is that tip-top pizzas.
Yes, how can i help.
I got a pizza delivered 10 minutes ago and it’s not right.
Sorry to hear that sir, whats seems to be the problem with it.
Well, i took it out of the box and there are no toppings.
What do you mean sir.
It’s just the base, no cheese, no tomato, nothing on it.
That’s impossible sir, are you sure your right.
I took it out of the box and it’s just the base I’m looking at now.
I’ll call the boss sir.
Hello sir, i have been told the problem, was this delivered to you.
Yes, about 20 minutes ago now.
Ok, what doe’s it say on the top of the box.
Hold on to i turn it over I’m looking at the bottom.
Large pizza with 4 toppings.
Ok, do you want me to send another one out right away.
Could you hold on for one minute please.
Yes sir.
Yes sir.
I’m sorry, i have got a problem.
Well sir, you can’t blame me, i don’t know you, see your doctor.
No it’s nothing like that, i’m a married man.
Ok sir, what is the problem then.
Cancel the pizza, everything is ok.
Why sir, do you mind me asking you why?
I took the pizza out of the box upside down.
No answer came back for all the laughing.

47 responses to “pizza delivery

  1. haha…please let it be true!

  2. Quote:- “Did you really do this?” i’m surprised at you Sara, thinking i could be so stupid 🙂

  3. oh wow! hahaha that was a lovely laugh for the day! Thank you for this! hahahaha 😀

  4. I was buying a pizza one day and the story came to me .

  5. LOL! Impossible but funny! The toppings would drip and fall off. Surely even an idiot would notice.

    “Cup of jo” goes back to at least 1840s in American slang, origins unclear. It has to do with our love of coffee. I remember hearing the term in old movies from the 1940s era (think Bogie and Robert Mitchum films.)

  6. I think you were standing on your head reading the box again.
    Oh, and you’ve been tagged!!! Details arriving soon

  7. Good story DP you had me there for a moment…because thinking about some boxes it could well be possible!
    Nice one

  8. It has happened to me a few times not thinking 🙂 not pizza’s

  9. You’ve got a thing about upside-down stuff, what with your recent poem and now this pizza story! Good tale though and a refreshing blog post because it was different! I enjoyed it.

  10. Okay, sorry, well it’s not bad.. and if you didn’t get a Pingback message just read my latest post, where you’ll find your link at the bottom, for details. Oh, and can I get a slice of that upsidedown pizza?

  11. I feel bad for the pizza. It’s like a baby coming out of the womb the wrong way. The pizza is dead on arrival.

  12. *Laughing Out Loud*

    I just know this has to be a true story!!!

    Love it


  13. A little cardboard in your cheese never hurt anyone!

  14. You just wait. Someday, when you least expect it, a nice crust will come your way. Then who’ll be laughing?

    Great story! 🙂

  15. As long as its not to hard, happy you liked it.

  16. Wouldn’t the cling wrap melt on a hot pizza ?? just saying…

  17. LOL 🙂 (“it’s nothing like that, I am a married man”) 🙂 and the upsidedown pizza, that’s funny too.

  18. I would be tempted to laugh at the person, but to be honest, I’ve had my fair share of blunders similar to that so I’d better not. Brilliant story though! 🙂

  19. Love the story. It’s like the guy who spent an hour talking to the computer repair guy and finally discovered his computer wasn’t plugged in, Check the basics first:-)

  20. This is a great story. I could see my sister doing something like that. 🙂

  21. For a moment there you had me very worried about you. 🙂

  22. That was hilarious. Gave me a good laugh

  23. Awesome! Nothing like a quick laugh before bed!

  24. Well isn’t gravity the only thing that really determines what is up and what is down? Just trying to be a little new age to defend your mistake.

    Great story. I hope you’re not too frightened to use that same pizza place again.

  25. @ mooselicker, my mistake, i never said it was me 🙂 thanks for your visit.

  26. Well done! Was suprised by the ending — but it was indeed inevitable! 🙂

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