Poem : A life ebbing away

Looking up at the midnight sky.
I noticed a meteor flashing by.
Travelling so fast on its way.
To the outer planets far away.

Its seen places no man will see.
Been to many unknown galaxies.
In one of these far of places.
Has it been seen by another being.

Leaving a trail of ice as it goe’s.
This is its life blood ebbing away.
How much longer has it got to last.
Before it stops and comes to rest.

Born at the time of the big bang.
It’s traveled for millions of years.
When it’s life is finally ended.
It could crash with silent bang.

28 responses to “Poem : A life ebbing away

  1. Great Poem, and let’s just HOPE it’s a SILENT bang!!!
    God Bless You

  2. Oh my DP – you are getting into poetry in a big (banging) way – yeah !!!

  3. Okay, now that I have passed the award thing off to others, do I have to inform them, or, how does that work exactly?

    Comment Edited:-
    I granted you the β€œVersatile Blogger Award”

    Have Fun

  4. Love the imagery in the third verse
    “Leaving a trail of ice as it goes.
    This is its life blood ebbing away.”

  5. Lovely and haunting and sad!

  6. Very nice poem. πŸ™‚

    I’m not showing Mr O the Arsenal badge you have there or I’ll be asked to put it on our site!

  7. I kept waiting for a punchline. Serious and well done! I’m impressed.

  8. Thanks Sara, i knew you would be impressed πŸ™‚ it was altered about 10 times before it went to press.

  9. Not bad for an old bloke. You know I’m only joking don’t you? I like you DP, you should change your name ‘cos you teach me things all the time – you’re more internet savvy than me and I must say your poetry is getting better with each post. Do some more!

    • I know your joking πŸ‘Ώ thank you for saying its getting better, i have 3 ready one serious one just not as much πŸ™‚ and one people will have to do something to be able to read it πŸ˜†

      Any help you want with the pc etc just ask, i have to help a lot of blondes πŸ˜† only joking

  10. Hi There Harry…thank you for the award.
    Any idea how I get it on my sidebar?
    Am working on the acceptance speech…watch this space.
    Thinking of seven things you guys don’t know about me is going to be hard.

  11. Sup…Old Irish Tater? Granny ever give her acceptance speech? I just got in from work, and she left a comment, saying:;I came to visit but you haven’t posted…well, I thought I would let all the links I posted marinate a while… but I guess I better cook something up to post right quick…before she comes to visit again, and disowns me ???
    God Bless

  12. Very provocative poem, Harry. I see all of us (in our last moment) going out in silence. I like the idea of that, but that’s because I enjoy silence…;)

  13. I love the thought of “silent bang”

    I shall have to lie down in a darkened room while I ponder how that might work!!!


  14. Sound is slow, so we won’t hear it, we will all be dead before the sound reached us? Uplifitng thought πŸ™‚ Wonderful poem!

  15. Nice one. Good reflective stuff which I enjoyed reading

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