sex abuse by priest’s

It’s a disgrace that the Catholic church is still hiding the fact that this is still going on, more so when the Irish law say’s that all paedophile priest’s must be reported to the police. Why doe’s the catholic church from the Pope down protect these priest’s from going to jail.

Quote the Justice Minister:- New laws that will compel priests to report paedophiles to Gardai (Police ), even if they are told of the abuse in the confession box.

“The law of the land should not be stopped by the collar,” he said.

The Irish government was at war with the Vatican last night over its silence on the Cloyne sex abuse report as anger grew at the failure of Bishop John Magee to publicly apologise for his role in the scandal.

One victim said it was “beyond belief” that Catholic authorities had not insisted Bishop Magee be available to answer questions about his actions.

“It speaks volumes about the attitude from top to bottom.

It is absolutely appalling and heartbreaking,” she said.

Read the full story  here  in the Belfast Telegraph.

Read the full story   here  about Bishop Magee.

8 responses to “sex abuse by priest’s

  1. Sick and saddening. The truth shall set you free …

  2. Hi Jennifer, i think this has happened in America and Africa also maybe other place’s.

  3. This has been going on in the USA for years. The Catholic church has brainwashed the public and their own “faithful” for centuries. It starts at the top with the “Infallibility” of the Pope. People were taught never to question the decisions or actions of the priests because they were God’s representative on Earth. When you hand people power like that in an unquestioning manner, what do you expect? It’s time for the sheep to kick some Shepard ass.

    • It will never happen Alan, a revolt in the catholic church, but it’s time it did.

      Young people both in the North and South of Ireland have turned their back’s on the church over this. But if i were a young boy i would be careful turning my back to a priest 🙂

  4. DP, this happened everywhere, the whole world over wherever a colony, country or community was fortunate enough to be “flocked” with the immortal words, “have faith, my child . . .”

  5. Hi Patti, it’s shocking what has been going on and the church is doing nothing to the paedophile priest’s only moving them to another country.

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