flying car coming to britain

£150k flying car set for UK skies

The age-old dream of owning a car that flies has just got closer to reality for the average driver.

The Terrafugia Transition is set to become the world’s first flying production car – and it’s soaring towards the UK.

The Transition has been declared road legal by the NHTSA in the US, paving the way for American buyers to take to the skies.

Since then, 20 UK drivers have registered interest in buying one of the road-going planes, which go on sale next year. Over 100 American buyers have already made enquiries.

With a price of £150,000, the Transition costs £20,000 less than today’s supercar of the moment, the McLaren MP4-12C.

In ‘car’ mode, it drives just like a normal family hatchback, and has standard safety features like airbags, a front crumple zone and a protective passenger cell. It has a 500-mile tank range and can reach 65mph.

It takes around 30 seconds for the wings to fold out, resulting in a 26-foot wingspan. In flight mode, it takes off like a normal light aircraft and will reach 115mph.

Certified as a Light Sport Aircraft, owners will need a Sport Pilot licence to fly, which takes 20 hours’ flight time to obtain.

The car isn’t certified for use legally in the UK yet, although with the US having passed it, it’s likely that Europe will follow suit.

So it could be that the 2015 envisioned in ‘Back To The Future Part II’ turns out to be true – all we’re waiting for now is the hoverboard.


9 responses to “flying car coming to britain

  1. Cool! Funny looking but still cool.

  2. I want one, oh wait … is it stick shift?

  3. When it comes with the optional Jetpack, I’ll put my name on the list. When I saw it the first thing I thought was, OMG now people will be texting while flying.

  4. Woah! One more reason to get my piloting license.

  5. Your garden is big enough for it to take off and land, the only draw back for a woman is that it has no make-up mirror 🙂

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