paedophiles jailed for terrifying depravity


A gang of paedophiles, described as “evil beyond rational understanding”, has been sentenced to a total of 107 years, with a minimum of 78 years in prison.


Robin Hollyson, 30, from Bedfordshire, Christopher Knight, 35, from Manchester, Adam Toms, 33, from Somerset, Matthew Standfield, 34, from Hampshire, John Denham, 50, from Wiltshire, David Harsley, 51, from Hull and Matthew Lisk, 32, from East Sussex were convicted of more than 30 charges between them.

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Described by prosecutor Robert Davies as “sickening, cruel, callous and depraved”, the men’s crimes all involved children under the age of five.

The offences included rape, sexual assault, conspiracy to rape, conspiracy to sexually assault a child under 13 and making and sharing indecent images of children.

The investigation began in September 2014 when Toms was arrested by Avon and Somerset police, after admitting that he had sexually abused a child under the age of five.

As a result of these admissions, other offenders involved in the organised crime group were later identified. Officers were also able to identify three victims – a baby, a toddler and a pre-school age child.

They should have been put in jail for life, Briton is to soft on these sort of people.

15 responses to “paedophiles jailed for terrifying depravity

  1. Such a pity that hanging was done away with
    Britain is always putting down foreign countries for aldut male having sex with minors and yet we have these 7 (that we know about)evil bastards living on our shores

  2. I agree. The laws should reflect the seriousness of the crime.

  3. I will never be able to understand these evil creatures and what they do to innocent children. However, I do not, and never will agree with capital punishment. It makes us no better than the perpetrators of crimes. Life should mean life though; and a sentence end only with the death of the prisoner. They do not deserve liberty and freedom or privilege.

  4. These guys are rarely cured.

  5. Hanging may not be the best answer but it is better than keeping the evil bastards in realitive luxury Television ,internet , votes and all the rest, for the time they are imprisioned

  6. thefeatheredsleep

    And shd never b let out

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