Locked in this mind, Poem.

Here with my own thoughts

wondering what they are

where did they came from

people visit, I know them not

they taking about things

and I am lost

remembering nothing

kiss me goodbye

I donโ€™t know why

strangers to me

Iโ€™m back to my thoughts

just another day

locked in this mind.

11 responses to “Locked in this mind, Poem.

  1. And cannae sleep as yer brain won’t stop talking to itself, asking questions, and wondering, and pondering ion the minutinities of life. More fun bilingually now mate. Brain wandering all over place in Ulster/Scots/Coleraine/north Antrim (despite being a poosh Bangorian, lol) accent and dialect, with the newish French, and local dialect and accent Ch’ti/Chtimi thrown in – could drive a normal Norn Irishman round the u bend! Careful now how you pronounce Ch’ti – the beer of same name from ere in northern France easy enough to find in lot of Norn Irn supermarkets now. Tina Turner did a song about this part of France “Chtimi Windows” – i know the Frogs dinnae get it ither Harry. Been in world of my own for decades, then move to country where few understan English, let alone our Belfaws, or north Antrim accents and dialect, even if the got a little bit of English. As the song from the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” goes – “Stay safe inside insanity”. I usually omit the next line – “But he locked the door and threw away the key”. Hope you keeping warm mate. Rather inclement weather for monkeys of brass varieties here. We smoke outside, and puffin a bit more looking for this flippin comet, that almost impossible to see through 10/10ths clouds. Northern France so much like Northern Ireland, with the people, and crappy weather. Keep up the poesie as the French call it. My latest attempts terrible, as in Franglais, not knowing whit language to speak anymore, and making rude puns in French is more the norm now – yup great ambassador for our wee country! Best wishes to you and yours Harry. Hope you started a healthy, peaceful, prosperous new year – oh sorry forgot about Cameron!

  2. Happy new year to your all as well.

  3. Didn’t know that you were a poet, Harry. Nice job!

  4. Beautiful and poignant, reminds me of when my mum was in a nursing home bless her.

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