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Je Suis CharlieWhat kind of savages kill people for drawing pictures? Oh, yeah … Muslim savages. Today everyone with a backbone (which of course leaves out the gutless apologists for Islam) is expressing solidarity with the dozen human beings slain at Charlie Hebdo magazine in France. That magazine is one of the few publications that has the courage to openly criticize Islam, the most homophobic, misogynistic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world at this particular point in history. In 2011 Islamofascists firebombed the publication’s offices and yesterday the superstitious animals mounted a terrorist attack at the magazine’s offices, killing twelve and wounding over twenty others.

Killed by superstitious savages. Killed by superstitious savages.

JE SUIS CHARLIE (“I am Charlie”) is that show of solidarity demonstrating that the rabid madmen of Islam will not shut down freedom of expression no matter how many cowardly politicians or spineless celebrities like Ben Affleck kowtow to them.

Day after…

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  1. It is about time they stopped saying Muslim/Islam is a peaceful religion. Gutless wimps as long they hold a machine gun. names dont hurt these people though, pictures do….

  2. The scum of the earth, Balladeer pulls no punch’s when he posts about Muslims

  3. Harry, thanks for posting this. I went to the Balladeer’s blog, and I’m now a follower. I’m not saying every Muslim is bad, but somethings very wrong. When was the last time you read a news story showing terrorist acts by other religions. I haven’t seen any Hassidic Jews, Protestants, Hindus, Catholics, Buddhists or others. beheading men, women, and children, or murdering people over cartoons…

  4. Iv’e been following Balladeer for years he writes well.
    Just the bad Muslims they just cannot stand free speech or insults.

  5. Cobblers , I am not sticking up for these fanatical bastards but but Christianity is supposed to be a peaceful religion and yet just look at your history ,when King Richard the Lion heart slaughtered thousands of men ,women and children in the name of Christanity so it turns out that every religion has it’s zealots and fanatics
    They are not right ,but they are still there
    So what is the answer ?

  6. I agree all religons have murdered in their Gods name.

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