Tony Blair, most deceitful PM ever.


Tony Blair must be the most deceitful, lying, two faced  Prime Minister Briton ever had.

First of all he lied to the British people, the British Parliament and the U.N. over the W.M.D. in the run up to the Iraq war along with his partner in crime G.Bush giving a report of a mass of weapons.

The results of that are still going on to-day and has cost tens of thousands of lives and has spread all over the continent.


Now, something else has come out.

 It has come out that he made a deal with the IRA.

Tony Blair, Martin Mcguiness and Gerry Adams made a secret deal that if the IRA stopped fighting, nearly three hundred IRA murderers, bombers and gun men could walk free from the jails and also be free from prosecution for their crimes.

Its known as a get out of jail free card.

This was done without the knowledge of the British Gov; only a few close Ministers new about it, but more importantly it was done without the knowledge of the Gov; of Northern Ireland with whom he was working closely with to try and get peace and where 99% of the people were killed, this meant nothing to him as long as he got peace.

The British Gov; spokeswoman, Adams and Mcguiness said it was not a secret, just kept below the  radar. In the ordinary persons language that means its a secret.

The Independant

90% of MP’S lie, it’s there job, but he must have been the worst.

15 responses to “Tony Blair, most deceitful PM ever.

  1. Completely agree. He’s a bigger liar than Gerry Adams and I didn’t think that was possible.

  2. Let’s face it Harry .Have you ever known A politician to tell the truth ?

  3. or in order to become a politician you had to be a lying bastard ?

  4. The whole thing makes me so sad. Its called mendacity, and you can see it today in Israel’s dealings with Palestine and Putin’s handling of the plane disaster and many other incidents sadly. I can’t wait for the Chillcot enquiry to come out while remaining confident it will disappoint us

  5. All enquirys do because they are afraid to tell the whole truth

  6. Having a nice little rant is a great way to get it out of your system hey Harry. It works for me. Personally I’d like to see Bush & Blair tried for war crimes. Along with the entire Israeli Parliament.

  7. I have never known a politician to answer a question,,, they talk a lot but say nothing…cheats, thieves and liars and not to mention the sex scandals that have come to light… missing files, yeh right, stolen and burnt more like…

  8. Like all politicians I suppose… they spend 2 years kissing our arses, into electing them, and then… we spend the rest of our lives kissing theirs.

  9. arn’t all MP s and governments the same, lying cheating scoundrels. When I left Lurgan many years ago the teachers there at my schools were so wrong. On looking back,they should have advised me to study to be either an MP or a weather forecaster, why?…. well those are the only jobs I know of where you get paid even when your wrong… if I did that in my job I wouldn’t be there 5 minutes.
    Why cant government, make prisons no frills places, I mean cut ALL luxuries, no heat, electric, just bare concrete, basic bread and water, no libraries,tv, pool tables, nothing and i mean nothing.
    1.Then they can give the £10 bn per annum to the health service where it will do some good.
    2. It will also cut crime overnight for no one after having spent 3 months in there would NEVER want to go back again ever.
    3. People would see an immediate drop in insurance costs and would “start” to feel more secure.

    £10 billion a year is wasted on scum in this country ,scum who are draining reserves set aside for good use.!

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