Garth Brooks’ Cancelled Gigs.

Over 200,000 people were very disappointed when Garth Brooks cancelled his week long tour in Dublin.

This is how Hitler Reacts to Garth Brooks’ Cancelled Gigs.

12 responses to “Garth Brooks’ Cancelled Gigs.

  1. Hilarious! Im sure something could have been sorted out somehow. I know he was adamant he was doing five nights or none. But how come none of this was worked out rrom the beginning and why was he booked at all if this was the case. Was it the public who were against it because the venue wasnt appropriate and was oing to cause disruption etc?I only saw half the story really.

    • It was booked for 5 days, but the councils agreement was for any gig to be over 3 days, a lot of residents did not want 5 days, who can blame them.

      The venue was appropriate, its the biggest in Dublin i think, i have seen it.

  2. It wasnt built for concerts really though was it? Thats what I heardcanyway.

  3. That should say anyway! Its past my bed time! 😄

  4. I would have gone to see him if I lived there! 😊

  5. Very funny! Just another thing Hitler and I don’t have in common: I don’t like country music and couldn’t care less what Garth Brooks does or doesn’t do! 🙂

  6. I can lend an ear to lots of music these days. I have one Garth Brooks CD but have no idea where it is! So Im not a massive fan 😊

  7. Good grief Harry. I darned near fell out of my chair laughing! 😀

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