Deport Abu Qutada Now.

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 The Court Of Human Rights.

Briton should pull out of the European human rights as soon as possible and replace it with a British bill of rights.

I say this because so many people are in Briton illegally, they include, murders, rapists, gun runners, beggers, fraud, sex crimes,extortion , drug trade, and  indeed any sort of crime you can name, and of coarse the terrorists.

The best known terrorist is Abu Qutada, he is wanted in Jordan for murder and organizing bombings. Hate preacher Abu Qatada who has been convicted in his absence for having links with a number of Al Qaeda terrorists.

Photo daily mail.

Read the full Daily Mail story here.

The British Government have been and are still paying his fees for all these court cases through the legal aid system.  They should stop as it is the Government that is keeping these going on.

Why should or anyone else who is not British get legal aid to fight a case against the Government and deportation or on any other matter.

Below you can read about his battle with the Government against deportation.

September 16 1993 – The Jordanian father of five claims asylum when he arrives in Britain on a forged passport.

June 1994 – He is allowed to stay in Britain.

March 1995 – Qatada issues a ‘fatwa’ justifying the killing of converts from Islam, their wives and children in Algeria.

May 1998 – He applies for indefinite leave to remain in Britain.

April 1999 – He is convicted in his absence on terror charges in Jordan and sentenced to life imprisonment.

October 1999 – The radical cleric speaks in London advocating the killing of Jews and praising attacks on Americans.

February 2001 – He is arrested by anti-terror police over involvement in a plot to bomb Strasbourg Christmas market. Officers find him in possession of £170,000 in cash, including £805 in an envelope marked ‘For the mujahedin in Chechnya’.

December 2001 – Qatada becomes one of Britain’s most wanted men after going on the run from his home in Acton, West London.

October 2002 – He is arrested by police in a council house in south London and detained in Belmarsh high-security jail.

March 2005 – He is freed on conditional bail and placed on a control order.

August 2005 – The preacher is arrested under immigration rules as the Government seeks to deport him to Jordan.

April 2008 – The Court of Appeal rules that deporting him would breach his human rights because evidence used against him in Jordan may have been obtained through torture.

May 2008 – Qatada is granted bail by the immigration tribunal but told he must stay inside for 22 hours a day.

June 2008 – He is released from Long Lartin jail in Worcestershire and moves in to a four bedroomed £800,000 home in West London.

November 2008 – He is rearrested after the Home Office tells an immigration hearing of fears he plans to abscond.

December 2008 – Qatada’s bail is revoked by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) after hearing secret evidence that the risk of him absconding has increased.

February 18 2009 – In a landmark judgment, five Law Lords unanimously back the Government’s policy of removing terror suspects from Britain on the basis of assurances from foreign governments. It is ruled he can be deported to Jordan to face terror charges.

February 19 2009 – Qatada is awarded £2,500 compensation by the European Court of Human Rights after the judges rule that his detention without trial in the UK under anti-terrorism powers breached his human rights.

January 2012 – European judges rule the firebrand cleric can be sent back to Jordan with diplomatic assurances but he cannot be deported while ‘there remains a real risk that evidence obtained by torture will be used against him’.

February 6 2012 – SIAC rules he can be released on bail, despite posing a risk to national security.

February 9 2012 – David Cameron and King Abdullah of Jordan agree on the ‘importance of finding an effective resolution’ to his case, Downing Street says.

February 13 2012 – It emerges Qatada has been released on bail from Long Lartin prison.

April 17 2012 – The cleric is arrested as the Government prepares to deport him to Jordan.

April 18 2012 – Abu Qatada lodges an appeal – potentially delaying his deportation by months or years.

29 responses to “Deport Abu Qutada Now.

  1. Agree with you all the way on this one ….this idiot is a drain on our country …….

  2. Very good info and quite interesting. Seems like Human Rights issues are a global quagmire.

    • They are Lorna, most European countries want it fixed.

      • Oh my … where do I start with this. To human rights or not to human rights, that is the question.

        The whole concept of human rights cannot be subjective. It has to apply to all. Including the S.O.T.E (scums of the earth). Lorna is right, it is a global quagmire. 😦

  3. I couldn’t agree more. It’s an absolutely ridiculous situation that someone can make such a complete mockery of our laws and ‘justice’ system. He is laughing at us. And the fact that we have to go cap in hand to Europe to try and evict a known criminal from our own country is an insult to our sovereignty. The only good that can potentially come out of this is pressure on the government to re-define our relationship with Brussels and take back some of the powers previous governments have foolishly given away. And it couldn’t happen soon enough if you ask me.

  4. Caroline, they are Judges appointed by Europe, not elected, there are nearly 300,000 cases waiting, 39,000 of which are British cases.
    They likely don’t start work until about 10am and finish about 3pm, tired 🙂

  5. We should deport him immediately. He has no regard for this country and frankly who really cares what happens to him after he is kicked out. He is a drain on this country as are others. The whole thing annoys me that I can barely read the news…

  6. Such a sad state of affairs. We see it all of the time. What has happened to common sense? What has happened to protecting the innocent? I feel for you and your countrymen/woman.

    • It seems the bad have more rights than the good. Briton has gone to hell in this past 20 years.

      • Chatter Master

        How’s come it is so obvious to us that those who work hard and live right, have to watch as stuff like this happens. Sad thing is, it’s like the whole world has lost the ability to decipher right from wrong.

  7. @ Amor, the S.O.T.E (scums of the earth) should have no rights. Why should we pay their court fees for years and protect them and their family when all they want do to is murder etc.

  8. This walking garbage bag does not deserve human rights, his crimes made him forfeit all this. He is laughing at the British people and laws. He is not British, so deport back to his country, live by the sword die by the sword.!!!!

  9. I agree with you 100%. It’s insane how much our governments bend over to be “politically correct” at the cost of their citizens. It seems like such a violation.

  10. This is a very interesting take at The Uninspired Chronicles. Thanks! 🙂

    They should just deport him -.- Such people shouldn’t be free to roam the earth. UGH!

  11. Well said. Whilst Australia’s illegal immigration problem is not on the same scale as yours we are also struggling to get the balance right between compassion and regulation. Too many lawyers are making squillions from our public purse by representing illegals dissatisfied with our decision-making processes.

  12. The governments should set rules that illegals are held and put on the first plane back, here they are given freedom to get help and when they are told they are being sent back, they go missing.

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