Parallel Worlds : My First Story.




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This my first time to write a story, and my submission is number 4.

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Parallel Worlds.

John woke from his sleep, rubbed his eyes, and he was shocked at what was around him.  He was in a strange room which was completely white with no pictures or adornments. There were two doors, a bed and wardrobe, bedside cupboard with a glass of water on it.

The last thing he can remember he was driving home from work on the dual carriageway.

He walked to the window and saw a small town going about it daily routine, but it was strangely quite every where. He was cold, so he found a dressing gown in the now empty wardrobe, and it was his size.

Walking through one of the doors and into the room it turned out to be a bathroom with no doors or windows.  He tried the other and it was identical to his bedroom, but it had no doors or windows either.  But how would he get out or how would other people get in.

John lay down on the bed to get his head straight his head was in a daze, it was then that he noticed a buzzer by the pillow, so he pressed it two or three times.

It seemed a very long time before a lady opened one of the doors, and she was wearing a strange uniform of black with gold trim. She had a badge on the uniform which said, Change Over Guide.

John asked her, “how did you get in”, but she did not answer him. Then he asked “where he was and why he was here”. She said all would be explained to him later on.

The guide told him to get dressed and she would be back in ten minutes.  “But I have no clothes the wardrobe was empty “, said John.  She pointed to the wardrobe and said to have a look inside it, and then left, sure enough his clothes were there.

She came back and asked John to follow her, the other room now had a door which lead to a very long corridor full of doors, and at the end stood two large ornate oak doors, they went into a room which John thought was very like a large court room.

Five Guardians were sitting at a large curved table over looking the room, so they both walked forwards and sat down. The Guardians were all dressed in white robes with black trim, and they were all very old.

The centre Guardian said to John, ” that the procedure would not take very long, but time was irrelevant to them, as time only mattered to John”.

He started by telling John that he was in a parallel universe, Johns parallel world. Everyone who lives in your world lives here, your double life in fact. You have been brought here to be given a choice, a life changing choice in fact.

John was completely numb, over come by nerves, but he had to listen to find out what is going on.

John, ” I’m sorry to say that your were involved in a very bad car accident. And you, I mean your body, is still in hospital in a deep coma and the outcome is going to be very serious “.

It must have been a long time before John came round, and the medics left the room, there was now a table beside him with water on it. The Guardian asked if he was al-right to carry on, John nodded.  We are here to-day to give you the choice, you can go back or stay here.

Let me explain, your double lives here and lives every aspect of your life,  as you do in your own world. Now your choice is, you can stay here and you will be 100% well and you can continue to live the same life as you did with your wife and family. Your double will go to your body and get completely well and carry on his life as normal with his wife and family.

John’s mind was in turmoil, he  asked the Guardian, ” would we both know that we where in a different place, a different world, and with different families”.

” No John, if you agree, everything about you being here will be removed from your memory and you will not remember anything about your other universe.  And it will also be the same for your double, it will be as if nothing bad ever happened at any time in your lives “.

” The alternative John is to go back, you will likely die and leave your family with out a father and husband “, said one of the other Guardians.

John was stunned but he knew he had no choice, he could not do this to his family and at the end of the day he would remember nothing about it. ” OK Sir, I will do it, what happens now and how long will it take “.

The change over guide, got out of her car and started to walk down the street.  She could hear happy voices and laughing, it was John playing in the garden with his wife and children.

She said  ” hello ” as she passed the family and John replied  “hello its a beautiful day “,  she walked on knowing John was all-right and that the whole family were happy and everything was normal.

Parallel Worlds was written be Harry Mullan from Dribbling Pensioner.

32 responses to “Parallel Worlds : My First Story.

  1. Awwwwwwww…thanks Harry for the mention. You’re not a bad OLD bloke !!!
    And i loved this one…man you really are stretching your wings these days…so when is the book coming out ???

  2. Hi HArry, I think I’ve voted…

  3. Harry… I love love love this!!!
    I want more!!!!

    and now… off to vote (hope I’m not too late)!!!


  4. I am very impressed Harry! You are a story teller! 🙂


  5. Wow Harry this is good… I shall vote for you!

  6. nice story! Would you like to be a part of The Uninspired Chronicles? 🙂 Here is a link with the details!

  7. OK, i’ll give it a go but it may only be a poem, humour or something short, i don’t do long posts.

    • I just saw this but short posts are the best! I really do enjoy your blog!

      Sorry for the delayed response! WordPress didn’t send me a notification :/ saw this via my wordpress dashboard. 🙂

  8. Harry, I voted for yours, too. I hope that’s okay? Shhh, don’t tell Pete. : )

  9. Imma gives your story an A+ for content, but Gram really wants to get in there and fix the grammar lol.

  10. Very original story. Well done….I enjoyed reading it.

  11. Congrats, Grand Poobah! Keep writing, my friend. You have a great imagination that takes all of us to amazing places!

  12. Pingback: I Won The Darkglobe Readers Choice Award, I WON | dribblingpensioner

  13. Congratulations!!!! You are right, but Gram is a nazi and can’t help herself 🙂 Imma holds her back though at times. Content is what matters here! You’ll be a best selling author next !

  14. And the winner is ….Congrats.. Gr8 story

  15. That’s good yarn spinning there, Sir. I enjoyed your story a lot and you deserved to win. Congratulations! Keep ’em coming.

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