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Shame on British Prisons.

type102 British prisons are a gold mine for drug dealers and contraband smugglers according to a prison officer i was talking to a few days ago.

The Guardian News Paper.

The Telegraph News Paper

They wrap drugs in cling film so many times and so tightly that the fumes cannot escape for the dogs to smell them.

They carry them in on their bodies in their underwear, which means prison officers cannot search the people there.

Or else they put them on young children and babies and again they cannot be searched.

The prisons do not have body scanners which would pick up all the items they are carrying in to prison.

The prisons are awash with drugs, how is a prisoner sent for rehabilitation meant to get help when he can get drugs at any time.

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Witchcraft Torture

Witchcraft Torture Couple Jailed For Life

Kristy Bamu suffered 130 injuries over days of torture before he was finally drowned in a bath.

Kristy, 15, died in a flat in a Newham tower block in east London, on Christmas Day 2010.

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Deport Abu Qutada Now.

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 The Court Of Human Rights.

Briton should pull out of the European human rights as soon as possible and replace it with a British bill of rights.

I say this because so many people are in Briton illegally, they include, murders, rapists, gun runners, beggers, fraud, sex crimes,extortion , drug trade, and  indeed any sort of crime you can name, and of coarse the terrorists.

The best known terrorist is Abu Qutada, he is wanted in Jordan for murder and organizing bombings. Hate preacher Abu Qatada who has been convicted in his absence for having links with a number of Al Qaeda terrorists.

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