Poem: Terra Firma


As i stood here on terra firma.

Looking up at what i had to climb.

The nerves started to take hold of me.

And my heart started to pound.

I could see where my hands would go.

Also where my feet should be.

So i took my first step upwards.

With hands in front holding on.

Slowly i climbed but carefully.

Making sure my feet were in firm.

Holding on with vice like grips.

Never brave enough to look down.

At long last i reached the top.

Sweating and out of breath.

I looked around at the view.

And took in what i could see.

But now i had to start down.

Making sure of my footing.

And holding on for grim death.

At last i was on solid ground.

The tension drained from me.

I stepped back and looked up.

At what i had just climbed.

It was a forty-foot  ladder.

32 responses to “Poem: Terra Firma

  1. 🙂 Oh that was great, vertigo flashes flooded the adrenline in my vains. Okay so it was a forty foot ladder, big relief. (still trying to figure out how high that is) Any climb is very brave! 🙂 Great poem with great ending.

  2. Ina thank you, its about 15 M , my usual ending to a poem 🙂

  3. Oh wow you are getting right into poetry now aren’t you Harry – we have created a monster…hehehehe
    Christine left a message for you on mine…

  4. You are a braver man than me Harry.

    A 40ft ladder is way, way too high!!!


  5. Well done Harry.
    I wouldn’t go higher than step three!!!

  6. The tension, the drama! You made it up, you made it down, well done!

  7. You made it up? That’s a bit of a downer 🙂

  8. 🙂 Poetry is a step closer to heaven.

  9. You really had me going here! I was pondering the outcome and ended up falling off the ladder laughing out loud!


  10. hahahaha … I was waiting for the punch line and boy was it a good one!! Sharing this now on my FB page 🙂

  11. I’m from the USA 🙂

  12. OMG, you really did put Ruby! that is so going to confuse people. Oh well, I’ll just have to set them straight. It can be an inside joke between the two of us whoever might be reading this comment thread. Isn’t the internet wonderful? 🙂

  13. Great ending! Had a completely other picture within my when I read it. 🙂

  14. Let’s call me “LFR” that’s what some of my readers have been doing 🙂

  15. Well done Harry, you’re so brave. Wouldn’t catch me up a ladder, well not that high anyway – nearest thing I get to ladders are my tights! Thank god for nail varnish!

  16. LOL 🙂 You would never get me up a 40′ ladder! Great poem

  17. Great story. I completely understand what you are saying. Last week I climbed the ladder and got up on the roof. The view was wonderful. Getting back onto the ladder to get off the roof – that was the hard part.

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